Country Report
prepared by Malaysian Member of Parliament and National Treasurer of Malaysia Democratic Action Party, Mr. Fong kui Lun
at Socialist International Asia Pacific Committee Meeting, 10-11 April 2002
 in Manila, Philippines

Post-911 Malaysian politics under the Mahathirís regime

The 911 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington have been a boon to incumbents in government, especially authoritarian regimes not only to  justify their undemocratic and repressive laws but to introduce even more draconian legislation and policies to  further clamp down on democracy,  human rights and justice  which have nothing to do with the war against terrorism and Malaysia is no exception.   

The Malaysia National Coalition government which led by Dr. Mahathir has exploit the peopleís fear of terrorism and extremism to become even more undemocratic, unaccountable and unresponsive to the peopleís aspirations for justice, freedom, democracy and human rights. 

For instance,


In this regard, the Mahathirís government has not only recovered political support but has a new terror card to give it new immunity to justify past as well as new unfair, unjust and undemocratic policies.   

In a recent by-election in a state legislative constituency in Pahang state, the National Coalition Government unshamedly make full use of government machineries to campaign for their partyís candidate. Money politics was widely used during the campaign period. The Information Ministry was fully used to propagate and painted the opposition as violent and extremist. Giant billboards and nightly television advertisements showing that only the currrent government can bring peace and security to the nation and if the opposition is stronger, national security will be threathen. 

The DAP, of which I represent, have constantly spoken up against these issues that affect the well being of the country. As in the past, we continue to advocate a democratic, secular, fair and just government where there will be greater equality, whether politically, economically or socially, among the multi-racial and multi-religious citizens of the country. Though it may be an uphill task, we will continue this worthy and important struggle towards the betterment of the Malaysian society.  

The DAPís struggle for a secular social democracy pattern of society will certainly face tougher challenges after the post-911 scenario in Malaysia, but we reaffirm our long-standing conviction through constitutional means in order to manifest the rational and peaceful way of  political reformation and social reconstruction. 

Let the light of freedom, justice and equality shine in the darkness of the century that we live in. Let us reaffirm our determination to keep peace and security as well as strenghthening democracy for all the people in the post-911 era.