Press Statement
by Anthony Loke, Special Assistant to DAP Secretary General
 in Petaling Jaya
on 15th April 2002

KLIA Express Should Be More Innovative in Pricing Strategies

The launching of KLIA Express by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr, Mahathir Mohamad last Saturday should be noted as another milestone achieved by Malaysia as far as development of our transportation industry is concerned. Malaysians have the reasons to be proud of because the launching of the air-rail express have put Kuala Lumpur in par with other leading international cities in the world for having an advance transportation link in the city. Malaysia no doubts have the capabilities of building world-class facilities but nevertheless more importantly is how to make full use of the facilities to benefit the people and the nation. Building the City Terminal, the rail track and the trains is a big challenge that was solved but making the service as a magnet to air travelers is another big challenge for Express Rail Link Sdn. Bhd (ERLSB), the concessionaire for KLIA Express.

One of the major challenges that even worries transport expert is that the ridership volumes may not achieve its target of 10,000 passengers per day. I personally think that the pullback factor is the price. Although it claimed that itís the most economical way to travel to KLIA but I feel strongly that the RM35 charge for one-way ticket is on the high side and currently thereís no ingenious package to attract commuters. KLIA Express must be more innovative in its pricing strategies to make it a successful public transport service comparable to Hong Kong Airport Express or Londonís Heathrow Express. Let me give a few suggestions to enhance the service and make it more attractive for travelers. 

  ERL should realize that it has a national responsibility to make sure the success of KLIA Express. Its current priority should not be looking for short-term gains but to work towards making KL Sentral a successful regional transportation hub and KLIA Express the best Air-rail express not only in the region but internationally.