Media statement 
by Ronnie Liu, DAP National Publicity Secretary and Shadow MPPJ Chairperson 
on Monday, 29 April 2002 
in Petaling Jaya

Calling all PJ folks to attend the last MPPJ briefing on Petaling Jaya Local Plan 1 to be held this Sunday at Dewan Sivik at 10 am

For those who have yet to attend any of the MPPJ briefings on the PJ Local Plan 1 and wish to understand how it would affect your area eventually, you have one last chance to do so on this Sunday 5.5.2002 at 10 am at 
Dewan Sivik, Jalan Yong Shook Lin. 

The DAP has been studying the P J Local Plan Draft 1 and at the same time follow the various briefings given by the MPPJ closely for the past few weeks. From our initial study on the drafted plan (priced at RM150 per 
set) and also the explanations and arguments we gathered from various MPPJ officers and councillors, we are fully convinced that the entire plan is not only full of flaws and weaknesses, but certainly not serving the interest of the PJ people.

We wish to register our support to the group of residents (from Section 1,2,3 and 4) who filed the papers at the Shah Alam Court on last Saturday. They have every right to protect their homes and properties from any attempt of unreasonable acquisition from the land office and other authorities.

The DAP will be tabling a memorandum titled " The Glaring Flaws And Weaknesses Of The PJ Local Plan 1" to the MPPJ and the Selangor State Government soon after the MPPJ has completed their round of briefings with the PJ people. We will present the memo to the YDP of MPPJ when we meet up with him before 15.5.2002.

We will also be conducting separate meetings with the PJ folks before 15.5.2002, the last day for any objections to be made in writing to the MPPJ. We have started the first meeting with the people of Section 17A on the 18.4.2002. About 200 villagers (Chinese, Malays and Indians) attended the meeting and all of them have unanimously expressed their objection to the PJ Local Plan 1. We will proceed to hold meeting with other PJ folks residing in other part of PJ after 5.5.2002 so that they can all understand the implication of the plan and thereafter submit their objections to the authority collectively (Note: There is a specific form to be used for submitting objection). 

Residents and resident associations in PJ are encouraged to hold meetings with DAP PJ to formulate objections collectively for their respective development zones. Our contact numbers are 012-2013656 and 03-78754724.