Bulletin Archive - February 2002
28/2/2002 Defend secular Constitution before it is too late
28/2/2002 Establish Department to promote inter-religious/civilisational dialogue
28/2/2002 MCA JE Humanitarian Fund: Kerk's visit nothing to do with MCA team A and B rivalry
27/2/2002 A People's Movement Can Win The War Against Terror
27/2/2002 MCA JE Humanitarian Fund: Kerk to go to MCA Headquarters next Tuesday
27/2/2002 MAS bailout - Mahathir should lodge police report against Daim
26/2/2002 Mahathir - crackdown of cronies or ex-cronies
25/2/2002 When will non-Malay VCs be appointed?
24/2/2002 Govt reaction to Calpers withdrawal - unrealistic and unprofessional
24/2/2002 PUM controversy - call for inter-religious dialogue
23/2/2002 Daim as "star witness" in Parliament on MAS buyback bailout
23/2/2002 Ceramah permits: Home Minister should uphold constitutional principle of political freedom
22/2/2002 Colossal loss of ratepayer's monies by the Ipoh City Council (DBI) must stop
22/2/2002 Abdullah cannot wash his hands of Perwaja closure
22/2/2002 Revised Telephone tariffs: Datuk Leo Moggie should justify why Telekom expects drop in revenue  
21/2/2002 MCA JE Humanitarian Fund: Trustees given till 25.2.2002 to provide list of recipients
21/2/2002 Two government RM7.9 billion MAS bailouts - refer Daim to Committee of Privileges
20/2/2002 Review revised phone tariffs decision
20/2/2002 MCA JE Humanitarian Fund: New allegations 
20/2/2002 Mugabe election - Malaysia should spearhead bigger Commonwealth observer mission
19/2/2002 Singapore tudung issue - Malaysians' legitimate right to criticise 
19/2/2002 Agian, White Paper on MAS & police inquiry
19/2/2002 Cabinet - redeem national honour as UMNO Ministers failed Malaysia 
19/2/2002 Telephone tariff restructuring: Unfair to burden the consumers
19/2/2002 Discourses on Islam: Fundamental right of freedom of expression must be upheld
19/2/2002 USM authorities should apologize to students
18/2/2002 Great test of nation-building, democracy and rule of law
18/2/2002 Announce daily Air Pollution Index
18/2/2002 Prosecute Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
17/2/2002 Sleep-walk into an Islamic State
17/2/2002 Declare Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani persona non grata and banned from entry into Malaysia
16/2/2002 Ulama, Hegemony and Reform by Dr Chandra Muzaffar
16/2/2002 Waller Court needs urgent upgrading of its facilities
16/2/2002 Maintain Teluk Muroh Forest as permanent Forest Reserve
15/2/2002 MyKad: Lack Of Co-ordination Amongst Government Agencies
15/2/2002 Public interest demands the revelation of 'former Cabinet Minister''s identity
14/2/2002 MCA - do not force members of public to be involved in Team A & Team B fight
11/2/2002 Crisis of equal access to civil justice
10/2/2002 al Qaeda in Malaysia - end month-long denial syndrome
10/2/2002 "Gong Xi Fa Cai " & " Xin Nian Kuai Le"
9/2/2002 DAP veterans, leaders, and members to the crucial battle
9/2/2002 Year of Decision for 45-year Social Contract
9/2/2002 Withdraw akujanji - draft Charter of Academic Freedom instead
8/2/2002 Health and welfare care vs skyscrapers and monuments
8/2/2002 Aku Janji - institutionalises repression of academic freedom
7/2/2002 Amendments of Election Laws: DAP to seek meeting with the Election Commission
7/2/2002 Suspend "aku janji" requirement  for univ lecturers and students
6/2/2002 Abdullah Should Intervene And Allow Tan Seng Hin To Continue Residing in Sarawak
6/2/2002 Options to Tan Seng Hin: Call on Deputy Prime Minister to intervene
6/2/2002 Cabinet task force - abolish estate hardcore poverty under 8th plan
6/2/2002 Malaysia - "a perfect place for terrorist R-and-R"
5/2/2002 Political will & illegal immigrants
5/2/2002 MCA JE Humanitarian Fund: Kerk Kim Hock to seek meeting with MCA President
5/2/2002 Quest for justice for estate residents
5/2/2002 Yazid Sufaat - no extradition to US, no ISA but public trial
4/2/2002 Crisis of  national education system - Urgent revamp needed 
3/2/2002 Fong Po Kuan - plucky MP with "backbone"
3/2/2002 Police -adopt smart media policy/end discrimination against Malaysians
3/2/2002 Suhakam - casualty of 911 syndrome?
2/2/2002 Is Rais going to sue FBI Director? 
2/2/2002 MCCCBHS reaffirmation - Malaysia a secular state
2/2/2002 Restore Right To Education of the four suspended USM students 
1/2/2002 Malaysia - lodge formal protest to US over FBI report