Bulletin Archive - January 2002

31/1/2002 Abdullah as Acting PM during M's month-long leave
31/1/2002 Tan Seng Hin: Suhakam should publish result of investigation
31/1/2002 Ban on headscarves in school insensitive to rights and feelings of Muslims
31/1/2002 Malaysia "a key front in the war on terrorism"?
30/1/2002 Extend parliamentary budget session by one week
30/1/2002 Foreign workers - diversified basket from different sources
29/1/2002 DAP Wanita supports WAC's initiative
29/1/2002 Do not deport Rohingya refugees back to Burma
29/1/2002 More political propaganda camouflaged as news
29/1/2002 SRJK (C) Bukit Merah - more funds for rebuilding classrooms needed
29/1/2002 KMM, JI and al Qaeda in Malaysia - Commission to review police evidence
29/1/2002 Cabinet - withdraw the second Info Ministry booklet on Islamic State
29/1/2002 Islamic state controversy: DAP proposes 42 debates with MCA/Gerakan
28/1/2002 Do not stop UTM students from promoting cultural understanding among races
28/1/2002 Putrajaya and Cyberjaya built by illegal immigrants?
28/1/2002 Islamic State - DAP accepts joint MCA/Gerakan  challenge
28/1/2002 Multi-racial medical college for all
28/1/2002 Royal commission & Malaysian education
28/1/2002 Keng Yaik's suggestion: DAP prepared to face onslaught
28/1/2002 IPOH MCA MPs and SAs: admit the truth concerning development in Ipoh
28/1/2002 All temples in Malaysia must extend their role to become community centers
27/1/2002 al Qaeda in Malaysia - transcends party politics
27/1/2002 Barred cultural show : DAP to pursue the issue in Parliament
26/1/2002 Parliament homepage - total revamp or close it down!
26/1/2002 Gender-sensitisation course for women BN MPs first 
26/1/2002 Vision School project: Education Minister should publish full details
26/1/2002 Royal commission of Inquiry on migrant workers and water piping
26/1/2002 MCA had failed to bring real development to Ipoh 
25/1/2002  "Win win" policy for the Waller court tenants
25/1/2002 YDP Penang still shareholder of Peninsular Metro Works Sdn. Bhd.
25/1/2002 Better enforcement on foreign workers
25/1/2002 Crackdown on dissent and human rights in the offing? 
25/1/2002 DAP wants clarity from plethora of contradiction and not game of numbers
25/1/2002 Secular Malaysia - Reaffirm 1957 social contract upheld by first three Prime Ministers
25/1/2002 Royal pardons for Anwar  - M should face challenge in political arena
24/1/2002 Royal Commission & Foreign Workers
24/1/2002 IK result - completely different if Mahathir's Islamic state the sole issue
24/1/2002 Threat - no more statement asking about IK voting trends
23/1/2002 Meet the Clients Day by Kuala Lumpur City Hall
23/1/2002 Selayang will never be world-famous as Batu Caves
23/1/2002 IK - KeAdilan's "rotten fish-head" campaign
23/1/2002 IK - 5 key questions for KeAdilan
23/1/2002 "Battle Royale" for the soul of Malaysia
23/1/2002 Government JE trust fund balance - Effendi Norwawi commended
22/1/2002 Annual school fees for Tamil schools in estates
22/1/2002 Batu Caves name change - insensitivity 
22/1/2002 PAS blames media for PKN rout in IK - both right and wrong
22/1/2002 IK PKN website claim - it should get  500 more votes without single Indian vote
21/1/2002 IK result wake up call to Opposition
21/1/2002 Banning of camphor during Thaipusam in Batu Caves
21/1/2002 Penang YDP still holds one share in PORR privatized company
21/1/2002 Damansara SJKC/Vision School - casualties in IK by-election
21/1/2002 Concocted NST online report: LKS Considers complaint to Suhakam
20/1/2002 Scrutiny of Executive, Parliament, SAs & Indera Kayangan
20/1/2002 BN victory in IK - endorsement for Islamic state ala-UMNO?
20/1/2002 NST online report - baseless and irresponsible
20/1/2002 IK by-election: Opposition must learn, and learn fast!
20/1/2002 Government need to assist all school children who are in need of monies for education
19/1/2002 Dr Koh Tsu Koon shattered Penangites' hearts
18/1/2002 Sarawak - first in world to exploit 911 terror in elections
18/1/2002 Opposition parties should discuss post-911 politics after Indera Kayangan
18/1/2002 "DAP Supports Barisan Nasional" - blatant falsehood
17/1/2002 Business ethics and cronyism
17/1/2002 Fong Chan Onn Meddling in The Sun: clear and satisfactory explanation needed
17/1/2002 Zainuddin's "the end justifies the means" mentality
17/1/2002 Malaysia as regional  centre of international universities
16/1/2002 Corporate bail-outs & campaign finance reform
16/1/2002 M to M - restore democracy or face international sanctions
16/1/2002 Penang Outer Ring Road 
16/1/2002 90-sec propaganda - new clips of  Hadi, Maliga and Gore
15/1/2002 RM1.5 billion water project to replace asbestos pipes in Selangor & KL
15/1/2002 Mass Transfers of Students from SJK to SK: clear and satisfactory explanation needed
15/1/2002 Khalil - apologise for doctoring CNN film in 90-second footage
15/1/2002 Royal Commission of Inquiry into Malaysia's Enrons
14/1/2002 Karpal's acquittal - Gani's good start but more needed!
14/1/2002 PP v Karpal Singh PP's statement
14/1/2002 90-second propaganda camouflaged as news - effective response needed
13/1/2002 Next General Elections: Challenges, Issues, Strategies and Party Reforms
13/1/2002 Anwar's Federal Court appeal - Dzaidddin should fix immediate early date
12/1/2002 Withdraw all Sun termination letters
12/1/2002 "Reject Keadilan candidate" - not DAP's stand
12/1/2002 All-Party National Consultative Council on Terrorism
12/1/2002 Prosecute PAS for "sandiwara" statement: Rais should stop subverting AG's constitutional independence 
11/1/2002 Stable Ringgit & Euro
11/1/2002 BN propaganda footage on TV  - why no PAS/PKN legal action?
11/1/2002 Impostor masquerades as LKS to foment inter-religious conflict
11/1/2002 Some 50 al-Qaeda operatives in Malaysia - DAP wants urgent briefing from IGP
10/1/2002 Untaet a "White mission"?
10/1/2002 Rais - end loud silence on outcome of CLP scandals investigations
9/1/2002 Convicted Indonesian criminal fugitives given PR - DAP calls for inquiry
9/1/2002 Editorial decapitation of The Sun - pressures from MCA A Team?
8/1/2002 Khalil - learn to distinguish between news and propaganda
8/1/2002 MAS - world's first case of double government bail-out
8/1/2002 IK: DAP leaders and members must abide by the DAP CEC decision
8/1/2002 RM6.1 billion MAS asset sale - double government bail-out
8/1/2002 Malaysian should express disgust at 90-sec propaganda camouflaged as news
8/1/2002 Did KMM murder Joe Fernandez?
7/1/2002 KKH: Teng should stop playing the role of a fighting fish
7/1/2002 Cabinet - stop political broadcast camouflaged as news
7/1/2002 White Paper on Al Qaeda and KMM
6/1/2002 Al Qaeda networks in Malaysia - DAP to ask IGP for briefing
6/1/2002 ZAM the Joseph Goebbels & Propaganda Minister of  Malaysia?
6/1/2002 Cabinet - remove illogical/unprofessional restriction on  Ratnam Committee
5/1/2002 Call for public trial for 13 alleged KMM members  detained under ISA 
5/1/2002 BN propaganda footage on TV1/2 - DAP considers legal action 
4/1/2002 Evaluate Middle Eastern countries on their governance apart  from Islamic laws
4/1/2002 DAP to ask  for  RTM political broadcasts during prime-time news as extended to BN
3/1/2002 Flood mitigation & tender system
3/1/2002 Perlis by-election - battle between "Taliban Malaysia" and "US/Northern Alliance Malaysia"?
3/1/2002 Nab cybercriminal who forged Patricia Martinez to foment inter-religious strife 
3/1/2002 Ratnam Committee - investigate racial segregation in 900 schools
2/1/2002 EPF buys CHAB shares at RM910 million
2/1/2002 Teng should repent and amend his ways
2/1/2002 Mahathir - cannot find 4th Finance Minister who is "clean"
1/1/2002 Siti Norma as Court of Appeal President