by DAP Penang chairman and Member of Parliament for Tanjung Chow Kon Yeow 
at a dinner talk on Penang Outer Ring Road at the North Malaya Cheah Association Hall, Penang 
on Friday, 28.6.2002 at 8.00 pm

Who are the real bosses behind the PORR project?

Dewan Rakyat was adjourned sine die at 8.15 pm last night after my adjournment speech on the Penang Outer Ring Road. During the just-concluded Dewan Rakyat session, despite having two emergency motions on the PORR rejected by the Speaker, I have managed with some difficulties solicited additional information on the controversial project.

We have to try so hard to gather information because of the lack of transparency on the part of the government in the conduct of the PORR project.

I have questioned why a Umno-linked company with no experience in road building was awarded the RM1.02 billion project.

The Deputy Works Minister Mohd. Khalid Noordin refuted my allegation and said that the concessionaire Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn. Bhd., a consortium formed by three companies Nadi Senandung Sdn. Bhd., Kumpulan Pinang Sdn. Bhd. and Setegap Berhad, was selected based on its experience and ability to finish the project in time.

I am astonished to find out that Nadi Senandung is now the major share holder holding 55 percent shares in PMW taking over the shares from Abdul Rahim bin Saibu, Sanjung Pilihan Sdn. Bhd., Favourite Force Sdn. Bhd. and Acuvest Sdn. Bhd., although the two main players in the new setup are still Senator Dato Haji Ahmad bin Ismail and Goh Choon Aun.

I was shocked this morning to find out that Nadi Senandung Sdn. Bhd. is a RM100 paid-up capital company which nothing to show, no business, no account and no record whatsoever.

The company is principally owned by Goh Choon Aun (13%), Cedar Heights Sdn. Bhd. (85%) and two nominees Zainuddin bin Md. Nor and Rosnah binti Amir Nordin.

Cedar Heights Sdn. Bhd. , although with a paid-up capital of RM1.5 million is a dormant company since 1995, two years after it was formed. Among its other shareholders are Rela Perkasa Sdn. Bhd., City Achievement Sdn. Bhd. and Nagasari Gerhana Sdn. Bhd. are all dormant companies.

It is hard to believe that the PORR project could be awarded to such companies which have no track record at all although we see the involvement Goh Choon Aun and Datuk Haji Ahmad bin Ismail in the whole set-up.

It would be interesting to find out who are the real bosses behind the whole privatised PORR project.