Media statement 
by M.Kulasegaran, DAP Deputy Secretary-General and Perak DAP Secretary 
on 10th July 2002 
in Ipoh, Perak

Home Minister need to order the Kamunting Detention Centre authorities to refer Sdr. Mohamad Ezam Bin Mohd Nor to the Taiping Hospital immediately

Yesterday, I visited the 6 detainees at the Kemunting detention center. The following detainees have all been detained under the ISA since 10 April 2001. The reformasi six - Sdr. Mohamad Ezam Mohamad Nor, Hishamuddin Rais, Chua Tian Chang, Saari Sungib, Badrulamin Bahron and Lokman Noor Adam 

During my conversation with Sdr. Mohamad Ezam, he brought up to me that he has been unwell since Sunday(7/7/02). On that day at about 8 in the evening he was rushed to the Taiping General Hospital after he had complained of severe swelling on the right side of the cheek. He was attended by a doctor at the Hospital but he received no medication as the pharmacy was closed. The attending doctor informed Sdr.Mohamad Ezam that he was suffering from ulcer and or viral infection. The very night Sdr.Ezam was sent back to the detention center. On the following morning, Sdr. Mohamad Ezam was not given any medication whatsoever but was only given vitamins and advised to gaggle salt water. 

The question Sdr.Ezam is posing is where has the medication prescribed by the doctor from the GH gone? 

The present medical condition of Sdr.Ezam is worsening as the swelling which started from the right side of his cheek has spread to the left side of the cheek 

His persistent request to be sent to the Hospital to consult a doctor and to receive medication has been refused by the camp authorities. Sdr.Mohamad Ezam said the camp authorities want him to meet and be consulted by the medical assistant(MA)at the camp itself and than only referral could be made to the hosiptal. Sdr.Mohd. Ezam is not willing to get any form of assistance from the medical assistant from the Kamunting detention center as he has no confidence in him. This is so as the medical assistant had not discharge his duty above board during the detainee's recent hunger strike.

I am further given to understand that at many previous occasions the detainees have been referred to see and consult doctors at the Taiping GH without having met the medical assistant(MA) first. Why then there is now a necessity and a condition imposed that Sdr.Mohd Ezam must be seen first by the MA before referral to the GH can occur?

Viral infection can be deathly. As such, Sdr.Ezam's need to be attended by a qualified doctor is very immediate and urgent. 

I hereby request the Home Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi to immediately look into this issue and refer Sdr.Mohamad Ezam for treatment by a doctor and also to receive medication at the hospital.