Media Statement 
by DAP Negeri Sembilan Assistant Organizing Secretary and DAP Negeri Sembilan Youth Pro-tem Committee Chief 
on Wednesday, 10th July 2002 
in Seremban.

Police must refund the RM300 additional fine to motorists who have paid it

Last week, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin confirmed that the additional RM300 fine would not be imposed to motorists who pay their summonses in police station. He said the additional fine is only confined to motorists who were detained during the Ops Warta II from last 20th May to 20th June. Therefore, motorist who have committed any traffic offences only need to pay the maximum RM300 fine for their offences. (Utusan Malaysia, 6th July 2002)

DAP Negeri Sembilan welcome the latest decision but we would like to remind the police that the damage has been done. The police have not acted professionally and fairly when they decided to impose additional fines to motorist during the Ops Warta II. The least the police can do right now is to immediately refund all additional fines to motorists who have paid it before the announcement was made by the Deputy Home Minister last week. 

DAP have consistently speak up on this whole Ops Warta II issue which has created much tensions to many motorists who queue up hours in police station to pay summonses. DAP is not encouraging errant motorists not to pay summonses but we insist that the police should create a better mechanism for motorists to pay the fines and injustices such as the additional RM300 fine is too much a burden to the public. 

DAP Negeri Sembilan is deeply disappointed with the BN representatives particularly from MCA and Gerakan who have failed to speak up for the people. The failure of the MCA Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung to settle the issue and failed to give a convincing answer to the questions by DAP Kota Melaka MP, Kerk Kim Hock in Parliament during the last Parliamentary meeting on this issue is another classic example of MCA Ministers and Deputy Ministers just "warming up the seats" but could not really make decisions. 

DAP Negeri Sembilan would like to ask all MCA and Gerakan Members of Parliaments and State Assemblymen to emulate the performance of DAP MPs particularly our Secretary General, Kerk Kim Hock who despite under treatment for cologne cancer but still discharge his duties as MP to speak up for the people against any injustices.