Media conference 
by M.Kula Segaran, Deputy secretary-general DAP Malaysia and Perak DAP Secretary
on 25th July 2002 
in Ipoh, Perak

The Bukit Merah Lake Town Tourist Resort: Dangerous and an Unsafe place for tourist? 

The Bukit Merah Lake resort is one of the frequently visited places by local and foreign tourist.

But of late this resort has become a menace to tourist who frequents there. A classic example is what happened on 18 th July 2002. On that day one K.Ellangovan 32 years was there with Raja Nor Azian 27years sitting and viewing the lake resort. They were there at about 5pm. Suddenly at 5.30 pm the security guard of the resort by the name En.Shafee demanded both the victims to hand over their identity cards. The victims complied only after they were slapped by En.Shafee. Then En.Shafee took the victims to the guards' office where they were interrogated and were treated violently and harshly. Then En.Shafee demanded the victims to accompany him to the police beat (pondok polis) unfortunately the police were not on duty at that time. There after the victims were then taken back to the main entrance office. Then after 4 hours of interrogation at about 9.30 pm the victims were suddenly assaulted by a gang of youths numbering about 20 who all entered the office and started to assault and use vulgar words against the victims. Elangovan was badly injured and was bleeding from his face. 

At about 9.30 the victims were handed over to the Semanggol, Kerian, Perak police for further action. The victims made a formal police report at the same police station. After the Police has completed their investigations, referred the victims to the Parit Buntar Hospital for a medical examination. 

While at the police station the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Ugama Islam,Perak officers served a "Siasatan Aduan Notice" on both the victims requesting them to appear at Pejabat Agama Islam, Taiping on 24/7/02. The victims were warned that failing to appear on the said date a warrant of arrest would be issued. Both have acceded and present themselves at the Pejabat Agama Islam Taiping on 24/7/02. After investigations the officers of the reglious office, Raja Nor Azian was asked to report bask for further investigation on 5/8/02. While K.Ellangovan was told that a date would be informed in due course. 

It is learnt that this form of ugly incident had happened at the resort previously. But invariably the previous victims had not lodged police reports and consequently the security guards have escaped criminal prosecution. 

Above all: is the Resort Management totally unaware of these type of incidents? Further have the Management taken necessary action to keep the resort free from violence? On 20/7/02 one R.Gunasilan (Estate Manager of Bukit Merah) requested Ellangoven to meet him at his office at Bukit Merah to discuss the assault incident. At the meeting R.Gunasilan requested Ellangoven not to take any legal action and not to resort to the press to expose this criminal wrong. Why sweep criminal wrongs under the carpet? 

The DAP urges the police to carry out a thorough investigation on the alleged assault by the security guards and by the gangs on the victims. Since the Lake Resort security guards were aware and had participated in the commission of crime against the victims immediate penal action must be accorded to the guards.