by Dr Tan Seng Giaw, DAP National Vice-Chairman and MP for Kepong
on  25.7.2002
in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia should have at least 35 universities of international standard to cater for the national need

The Education Act, 1996, emphasizes world-class education. Then, the aim of the 10-year Education Development Plan is to ensure that this country can equip Malaysians with various types of knowledge and skills. This aim is good.

The plan contains policies and strategies to propel Malaysia towards the above-stated objective. How much do the people know about the policies and the strategies?

The ministry stresses democratization of education. How do we go about achieving this?

Malaysia has about 20% of the youths in the institutes of higher learning, compared with over 50% among developed countries. How do we attain this level?

This country has 27 teachers¡¯training colleges, 13 polytechniques and 15 public universities. Every year, they can only take in just over 80,000 students. Although the Government is building more institutes of higher learning, these are not enough. We require at least 35 universities of international standard.

DAP is organising an English  forum on 28th  July 2002 (Sunday), 8.00pm, on  the 10-year Education Development Plan prepared by the Education ministry last October which was made public only after persistent pressure from the DAP last two weeks. The forum will discuss among others, the  good and the bad things in our education. We shall discuss the ways to overcome the bad things.

The speakers will be Professor Ibrahim Bajunid, Professor Syed Hussein Alattas, Lim Kit Siang and Tan Seng Giaw.