Fong Po Kuan commended  for championing the cause of Nik Nor Ermiza to the right to higher education at UIA despite her physical disabilities and she will head a national campaign  that UIA readmit her

Media Conference Statement 
- when launching the second phase of "No to 911, No to 929, Yes to 1957" People's Awareness Campaign in Bukit Mertajam
by Lim Kit Siang

(Penang,  Sunday): DAP MP for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan should be commended for championing the cause of Nik Nor Ermiza Rozana Mustaffa, 20, to the right of higher education at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) despite her physical disabilities.  

I hope all Barisan Nasional MPs will support Fong's  call to the Education Ministry to investigate the circumstances where Ermiza was forced to reject the offer of a place at UIA to continue her higher studies  because of her physical disabilities and to take immediate action to restore her rightful place at the UIA.  

According to Utusan Malaysia report last Friday, Ermiza, who stands at only 94 cm, and who was born with other physical disabilities, was offered a place at the UIA but was forced to reject the offer after the university authorities told her they could not assure her that she could have the environment to study well as there are no facilities or personnel  in the UIA to assist her with her disabilities.  

This is a blot in the history of UIA and the UIA authorities  must be ashamed of themselves for  taking undue advantage of their position to exercise  improper influence to  force Ermiza to "reject" the opportunity to pursue her higher studies. 

Ermiza had obtained five principals in last year's Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malasia (STPM) and was offered by UIA earlier to read Syariah law but when she went to  register at the university on April 6, accompanied by her father, she was told the university cannot guarantee her success as "no one can help her in her physical condition" and that UIA does not have facilities for the disabled.  As a result, Ermiza, who is from Besut, Terengganu, was "induced" to sign a letter rejecting the UIA offer of a place.  

Ermiza had subsequently said that if given the chance to enter UIA again, she would grab it.  

I call on the Education Minister, Tan Sri Musa Mohamad to personally intervene in the Ermiza case to restore her place in UIA and to make a Ministerial statement in the Senate tomorrow on a new education policy requiring all universities and schools to fully recognize the human right to education of the disabled in Malaysia so that the forced "rejection" of educational opportunities by Ermiza will never happen again in the country.  

If there is no Ministerial statement in the Senate on the Ermiza case tomorrow or the UIA is not prepared to relent and immediately admit Ermiza, DAP will launch a national campaign headed by Fong Po Kuan to demand Ermiza's immediate readmission into the UIA.  


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP National Chairman