DAP welcomes Han Jian as Malaysian permanent resident

Media Comment
by Teresa Kok

(Kuala Lumpur, Friday):  The DAP welcomes the Home Ministry's approval of the application for permanent resident status by the former coach of the Malaysian national badminton team, Han Jian who is of Chinese nationality.

Han Jian has contributed greatly towards improving the standard of the Malaysian badminton team. It is indeed a surprise to know that he has applied for PR status 8 times before it was finally approved. It is unreasonable for a professional badminton coach like Han Jian to have his application rejected so many times.

The Home Ministry should relax the criteria for the approval of application for PR by foreign professionals, as a means to encourage more professionals that the country lacks to serve the nation and become Malaysian citizens subsequently.

The DAP also urges the government to loosen the stringent application standards for spouses who are married to Malaysian citizens, and to speed up the application process of these foreign spouses to obtain PR and citizenship, and allow them to work in Malaysia at the time of their application.

At present, many foreign women who are from China or Taiwan and who are married to Malaysian men face a lot of obstacles in their application, besides being stopped from working in Malaysia. DAP therefore urges the government to allow for speedier approval of their application, so that their talents can be put to use in the best interest of the nation. 


* Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh and DAP International Secretary