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With more and more scandals popping up on Zakaria, does UMNO Supreme Council still deem Zakaria fit as a State Assemblyman?


Media Statement

by Lau Weng San

(Petaling Jaya, Saturday): Yesterday, The Sun reported that Port Klang Assemblyman and Klang Municipal Councillor, Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros remained as senator while being an undischarged bankrupt.

The report also says that


according to Dewan Negara records, Zakaria, who was then known as Zainal Mohd Deros, was appointed a senator on July 30, 1991, and served two terms which ended on July 31, 1997. In the 1999 general election, he stood as a candidate for the Selat Klang state seat which he won.


Two days ago, News Straits Times carried a front page report (Headline: Zak to Zak!) which reported Zakaria, as president of SBA, is alleged to have made the application for 10 acres (four hectares) of land to PKNS - he is chairman of its land committee, in which this is in a typical example of conflict of interest.


That was also the day when the UMNO Supreme Court ruled that Zakaria has to withdraw from being appointed as Klang Municipal Councillor.


Yesterday, Utusan Malaysia carried a front page report which headlined “Saya tidak perlu ikut cakap Menteri Besar – Zakaria” (I don’t have to follow what MB said – Zakaria).


With this latest remark and the two scandals highlighted by the press, the UMNO Supreme Council should embark on an emergency meeting to reveal it’s earlier decision that Zakaria shall withdraw from being appointed as Klang Municipal Councillor as Zakaria is no longer deemed fit as a State Assemblyman.


What moral and political legality does Zakaria enjoy to continue his ADUNship for Port Klang when he is not even fit, suitable and clean to be a councilor?


If Zakaria’s position as ADUN is maintained as it is, this is not only another episode of grave injustice from the current administration, but it is also a blow to the electoral pledge from the Prime Minister to uphold integrity and fight corruption.


DAP Selangor strongly urges the Prime Minister to take stern action on Zakaria and review the decision by the UMNO Supreme Council. To uphold law and order and to send a strong reminder to all elected representative, not only Zakaria should resign from his councillorship (which he claimed that it is a non issue as he has not sworn in as councilor yet) but Zakaria should better resign from his ADUNship to avoid tarnishing the image of the highest legislative entity in the State of Selangor. At the same time, not only Zakaria’s DZ Satay House must be demolished but his luxurious mansion must be demolished as well.



* Lau Weng San, DAP Selangor Publicity Secretary

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