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Dear Fellow Malaysians, do not afraid of these Umno cowards


Media Comment
by Ronnie Liu


(Petaling Jaya, Friday) :  Yes, please rest assured that the bunch of Umno and Umno Youth delegates who threatened the Non-Malays in their speeches are not real heroes of the Malay race (of which they were trying to portray themselves) but real cowards. They certainly do not represent the Malay race (who are polite, rational and peace-loving in nature) and their antics have in fact given bad name to their own race. They were not real champions of the Malays but hypocrites (munafik) who were trying to win support with their rhetoric.


And please do not be afraid of these paper tigers.  Do not afraid when the Umno Youth chief once again waving his keris and shouted like a fool. Do not bother to make police report against those who threatened the Non-Malays with another May 13 riots. Ignore those who said the Malays are capable of running amok. Just laugh at those who threatened to take away the citizenship of the Non-Malays. And those who threatened to bathe in blood to 'protect' the Malays will be the first one to run for cover if trouble really sparked off.


Dear fellow Malaysians, Umno is about to break up and fast losing confidence and support among the Malays, and its members and leaders are all aware of it. Many of them are now trying to make use of race and religion to prop up their political support base. They believe that by lying through their teeth, they can continue to fool the Malays and gain their support in every general elections.


What we have witnessed in the past few days confirms that Umno is a racist party and certainly cannot be trusted to continue to rule Malaysia . And to borrow the words from the Umno Youth chief, all Malaysians should not forget about what they said and who they were. We Malaysians should make sure these people will not go very far in politics.


God bless Malaysia.



*  Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief

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