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Independent Judicial Commission for the Appointment and Promotion of Judges – DAP MPs to seek for an appointment with CJ

Media Statement
by Karpal Singh  


(Kuala Lumpur, Friday) : The Government has always maintained the stand that an Independent Judicial Commission for the Appointment and Promotion of Judges is not necessary. It has further added that the call for the Commission should come from the Judiciary itself, and so far there has been none. 

It is important to have the Commission because of late there have been disturbing signs of the Judiciary having among its ranks incompetent judges who take bribes. There allegations have been made publicly by the Chief Justice, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim himself. This is a matter of great concern because the Chief Justice’s public revelations demand setting up of the Commission in the public interest. The matter cannot be dismissed out of hand. 

In the public interest, the 12 DAP opposition members in the Parliament seek an appointment with the Chief Justice to satisfy him of the requirement and necessity of the Commission so that he can make the necessary call for the setting up of the Commission for the Government to consider. The Chief Justice should not be afraid to meet up with the members of the Opposition. The Chief Justice is not allied to the Government, or the Opposition. 

I look forward to a quick response from the Chief Justice so that DAP members of Parliament could meet up with him as soon as possible. I call upon the Chief Justice to treat my request with the utmost urgency.


*Karpal Singh, DAP National Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor

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