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Call on all 144 local authorities including the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (KLCH) to assist hawkers and petty traders, consistent with the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) policy, that is, restructuring, competitiveness and modernisation of the distributive trade sector
Press Statement
by Dr Tan Seng Giaw  


(Kuala Lumpur, Sunday) : The local governments should also announce the new development and monitoring framework and guidelines for hawkers and petty traders under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

I meet the hawkers and petty traders at the roadside of Jalan Kepong Baru on 4 March, 2007. Over 100 of them have received notices to move to other places which they find themselves.

KLCH has a project to widen the road to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of vehicles. This is necessary.

KLCH and other local authorities should survey hawkers and petty traders who need to move and create adequate centres for their relocation.

The Ninth Malaysia Plan undertakes to improve the regulatory framework and guidelines of the distributive trade with greater efforts. One of 9MP's thrusts is to strenghthen the modes of distribution to enhance efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

At the high end of the sector, hypermarkets  appear. In fact, Jaya Jusco and Carre Foure are a stone's throw away from Jalan Kepong Baru. A large private hawkers' centre operates nearby. We hope that DBKL also help the above-mentioned hawkers and petty traders. They are at the lower end of the sector.

The KL Structural Plan (KL20) aims at making the city a world-calss tropical garden city of light. Providing hawkers' centres of
international standard is compatible with this aim.

KL20 monitors the allocation of premises for hawkers and petty traders and build additional premises if necessary.



*Dr Tan Seng Giaw ,  DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Kepong

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