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All, not just the Chinese, should vote against Umno-led BN!


Media Statement
by Ronnie Liu


(Kuala Lumpur, Monday) : Should Machap voters vote for the Umno-led BN candidate from MCA? NO! Not only the Chinese voters in Machap have no reasons to vote for BN; even the Indians, Malays and other Malaysians should not vote for BN.

Every one of them, whether they are members of Umno, MIC, MCA or not affliated with any BN parties, should vote against the BN in this by-election.


Because BN only serves the interest of its leaders. And these top leaders have screwed up the entire country after 50 years of power.

Umno claims that they are the protector of the Malay race. That's a bullshit. Umno leaders only care for their families and cronies, not even the Umnoputras. Ordinary members of Umno get peanuts. All the free shares and equity went to the top leaders.

MCA claims that they are the custodians of the Chinese race. Bullshit! All their top leaders care were their own pockets. Datukship, land titles, contracts and business opportunities… you name it.

MIC? What S. Samy Vellu could do was to dish out a few hundred ringgit here and there for some desperate Hindu temples and Tamil schools. Even collections during Deepavali celebration at Batu Caves were said to be unaccounted for. The entire Indian community was marginalised all these years, leaving the community worse off than the Chinese and Malay communities.

The Chinese can never forget the way they were treated by the racist Umno. The systematic marginalisation mentioned by Lee Kuan Yew was not untrue. NEP and racial quotas were just a few examples. If you want a new Chinese primary school, you have to wait for one to close shop first. Ong Ka Ting call it "qian xiao"- moving to a new school. They even persuaded the Umno minister to close down a Chinese school in Damansara because their friends were eyeing the land for development.

The Chinese can never forget Hisham and the Umno youth gang waving the Malay keris when giving speeches full of hatred and racial undertones. They also cannot forget the MCA leaders-Youth or Wanita or the Main party-keeping quite and do nothing. All so disgustingly timid and spineless. And now they have the cheeks to come to Machap,and talk big too! Have MCA forgotten about the pig farms issue? They don't even have guts to protect the animals they love to eat!

The Malays with brains are asking," where's my share of APs?" And " where's my bumi equity?" And "why is it so difficult for my children to get a job after graduation?" And " only their menantu and anak get all the benefits? How about my menantu and my sons?"

And many Indian are still asking about Maika Holding scandal. They were cheated with their life savings by their own leaders. They are now very angry with the authority for tearing down their temples all to fast and merciless. And too many of their youths have died in police lock-ups each year. Many of them are now involved in gangsterism as a result of marginalisation. And many of their schools are in poor conditions. Funds from the government were always hard to to come by.

Other races in Malaysia were more or less being treated the same way. All the goodies and benefits were confined to the inner circle of BN leaders.

When the price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas went up, BN members were no different from DAP members. They too have to bear with the burden.

And who says MCA members no need to pay tolls?

Those who think Machap could escape the petrol and toll hikes better rethink. All the lorries that carry food and goods from outside have to go through the tolled highways. The cost of transportation must be paid by the Machap people.

We urge all voters in Machap to wake up. Ask them questions when these BN top guns come to you house to shake hands with you. If you don't like their face, close the door right in front of them. If you don't want to be hypocrites, you need not shake their dirty hands.

Teach them a lesson on behalf of all Malaysians, ok?


*  Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief

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