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DAPSY challenges MCA Youth to a debate


Media Statement
by Loh Chee Heng


(Kuala Lumpur, Thursday) : MCA Youth Chief Liow Tiong Lai claimed in Machap last week that DAP has made no contribution whatsoever to the country since the party’s formation 41 years ago.  

On Sunday, 25 March 2007, DAPSY responded to Liow’s sensational statement by inviting him to debate with DAPSY Chief Nga Kor Ming in Machap to highlight the respective parties’ contribution to the nation-building process.  

An official invitation letter was faxed to MCA Youth Headquarters on Monday, 26 March 2007, to reiterate our call for a debate. DAPSY has not received an official reply from MCA Youth as yet.  

Subsequently, MCA Youth has “twisted” the issue to “whether DAP practices an oppressive culture internally”. On Tuesday, DAPSY denounced Liow as a “political deserter” who keeps running away from challenges and reiterated that Liow must own up to his “sensational” remark and clarify his statement in a debate.  

Liow is trying to avoid the debate with Nga Kor Ming by calling DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng a “deserter” because Lim himself will not be contesting the Machap by-election. 

We are appalled by Liow’s and MCA Youth’s irresponsible acts and therefore are gathered here today at Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang to submit another invitation to Liow to debate with Nga openly. 

If Liow does not want to debate with Nga, we would like to suggest that Lim Guan Eng debates MCA President Ong Ka Ting, as Lim Guan Eng’s name has now been dragged into the picture by Liow.  


*Loh Chee Heng, DAPSY Assistant National Secretary

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