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BarisaK-Economy is the way to achieve a united, progressive and prosperous Malaysia

Media Statement 
by Dr. Chen Man Hin

(Seremban, Saturday) : The world has evolved and Malaysia is now gripped by globalization together with other countries. This is the reality.


We see that the countries which are successful are the developed countries who have adopted policies which promote progress and development.


There are certain markers which define a developed country.


Firstly, all of them practice democracy, social justice, rule of law, no racial bias and an education based on knowledge, science and high technology. 


Their economy is a K-Economy, which is open with free trade and is highly competitive.


Singapore is an example of country which has adapted to the demands of a global world. It has high standards for all the markers of a globalize country.


These are the statistics of global markers for Singapore and Malaysia:






Global corruption index 2006                                         



Economic freedom




Global competitiveness




E-Readiness (IT, communication)                



Ease of doing business                                                                   



GDP per capita

US$ 5042                                       

US$ 26,836


FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) 2006  

4.9 billion                                  

30 billion



Singapore scored high marks in all the markers of a K-Economy, which means that it has evolved and adapted to a globalize world. It scored high in economic freedom and competitiveness, and its GDP per capita of US$ 26,836 is in the same bracket as US, Japan and Switzerland.


Unfortunately, Malaysia has not done so well, and this is reflected by a lowly GDP per capita of US$ 5042


The time has come for Malaysia’s leaders to think hard and analyze its dilemma, and rise up its standards on corruption index, economic freedom and competitiveness.


The choice is between opting for a K-economy and drop the NEP economy, which is now archaic and not accepted internationally.


Foreign direct investments have reduced tremendously because of the NEP factor. Lowly Vietnam has caught up and surpassed in FDI. America is not keen to sign an FTA with Malaysia because of NEP.


A K-Economy is the logical choice in order to achieve unity, progress and prosperity for Malaysia.



*Dr. Chen Man Hin, Life Adviser DAP

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