Press Statement by Jenice Lee in Cheras on Sunday, 21st December 2008:

DAPSY to congratulate the reopen of Sek Damansara 

DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) released a statement today to congratulate the reopen of Sekolah Damansara. After 8 years of struggling, the school is finally reopened in mid winter (lunar calendar) which indicating 8 years of ‘winter’ is over and spring is just around the corner.

“Although DAPSY was not invited to attend the opening ceremony, we all happy to see the school is finally returned to the society. If the school were not closed down, 8 batches of the pupil would have enjoyed their childhood life in this school” said DAPSY Deputy Chief Jenice Lee Ying Ha.

I would like to give my great respect to the Save Our School committees and villagers who never give up for struggling. Their spirit and determination are role models for all of us.

Sekolah Damansara is reopened but it does not mean that we have extra Chinese school. The school reopen is due to a school shifting from Perak. Therefore, DAPSY will continue to play our role to demand for new school in order to meet the demand from the society.

* Jenice Lee Ying Ha, DAPSY Deputy Chairman & ADUN for Teratai