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Comment by Lim Guan Eng on Tuesday, 19th February 2008 in Petaling Jaya: 

Fong Po Kuanís abrupt departure from DAPís parliamentary team has hurt not only DAP politically but also caused pain and sorrow at the baseless allegations hurled by the BN-controlled mass media that DAP wanted to force Fong out of her seat. DAP is prepared to face the possibility of losing Batu Gajah parliamentary seat following Fongís decision not to recontest. DAP is also prepared to face the political damage of reduced winning chances in other seats throughout the country, making this coming general elections and even more uphill battle.

But DAP is not prepared to accept lies in the BN-controlled mass media that Fongís decision was tied to other leaders trying to grab her Batu Gajah seat and forcing her to contest elsewhere. Fong made it clear of her continued support for DAP in her press conference and published letter she had sent to me as to the reasons why she chose not to recontest. Fong also made it clear that she remained a DAP member and will continue to urge voters to vote in the DAP to deny BN its 2/3 majority.

No mention was there made by Fong that she was forced to give up her Batu Gajah seat and contest elsewhere. She had made the decision not to recontest after I have informed her a day before that she would definitely be renominated for the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat. There is total unanimity at all levels from the Perak state to the national that she is the best and only choice for the Batu Gajah parliamentary. This explains why the party is still trying to get Fong to reconsider her decision to recontest.

I had tried to meet her in Ipoh yesterday but was unable to do so and will persist in my efforts that she reconsider. There is no doubt that DAP leaders loves and cherishes Fong and the BN-mass media in their haste at ensuring an overwhelming victory for BN should stop their dishonest tactics of spinning lies.

* Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General


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