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Joint Media Statement by V. Sivakumar and Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Thursday, 5th February 2009:

3 frogs no longer elected representatives

The Speaker of the Perak State Assembly and the Perak State Government will be filling a suit this morning at the Ipoh High Court to declare that the 3 State elected representatives namely Puan Hee Yit Foong, Encik Jamaluddin bin Mohd Radzi, Kapt(B) Mohd Osman bin Mohd. Jailu for Jelapang, Behrang and Changkat Jering are no longer elected representative for the said constituencies respectively. The speaker have already accepted the resignations of the said elected representatives and the state Government also recognizes that they are no longer elected representatives for the said constituencies.

This declaration is sought to compel the Election Commission to recognize that the said 3 seats have fell vacant and by-elections must be called. BN also cannot claim that it has the majority in the State Assembly as The Pakatan Rakyat has 28 members while BN also only 28 members. The position of 3 other elected representatives will now have to be determined by the court.

In view of the hung situation the Speaker and the Perak State Government are in full support of the requests by YAB Menteri Besar that the State Assembly be dissolved. We sincerely hope that HRH the Sultan of Perak will grant the dissolution of the State Assembly as requested.

In situation of doubt, it is best to go back to people to seek a fresh mandate as such practice is an inherent part of parliamentary democracy. We do not know why BN is so fearful of seeking a mandate from the people if it purports to rule with the people's support.

* V. Sivakumar, Perak State Assembly Speaker; Ngeh Koo Ham, Perak State Senior EXCO



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