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Press Statement by Teresa Kok in Shah Alam on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010:

Demand that Najib Razak apologise for and condemn Nasir Safarís racist remarks and sack Nasir Safar for insubordination

I wish to unreservedly condemn the incendiary, inflammatory and outright racist remarks made by Nasir Safar, political aide to Najib Razak, when he more or less called Indians beggars and Chinese women prostitutes and threatened to revoke citizenships. (Source:

To add fuel to the flames, Nasir Safar had the gall to spout his racist spiel in his official capacity at a 1Malaysia seminar of all places. His actions made a complete mockery of 1Malaysia and revealed his utter ignorance, or more likely total contempt, for the 1Malaysia which his superior Najib has been trying so hard to sell.

The fact that Najibís own political aide could harbour such venom brings to question the integrity of the company that Najib keeps and creates serious doubts of Najibís own character. As the saying goes, ďBirds of a feather flock together.Ē

If Najib wants to bring any credibility to himself and 1Malaysia, I urge Najib to apologise for Nasirís remarks, condemn the remarks in no uncertain terms and sack him Nasir Safar for insubordination. To let Nasir Safar off with a resignation letter makes light of the gravity of his offence.

As for Nasir Safar, I demand that he make a public apology for causing such offence to all Malaysians and bringing disrepute to our nationís international image as a peaceful multi-ethnic country.

* Teresa Kok Suh Sim, Selangor State Senior EXCO & MP for Seputeh



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