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Press Statement (2) by Charles Santiago in Klang on Wednesday, 5th May 2010:

Najib administration sending mixed messages on nuclear power plant

The Najib Administration is sending out mixed messages on establishing a nuclear power plant in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin stated that he had been given approval by the Economic Council to identify suitable locations, with the expectation of having a plant by 2021.

However, on the same day Prime Minister Najib Razak stated in his 1Malaysia blog that, "Before embarking on such an important decision we must conduct a comprehensive study on it."

If a "comprehensive study" is required before embarking on nuclear, then why has the Economic Council given the go ahead and why is Minister Chin quoted by BERNAMA as stating that the "countdown for nuclear began three weeks ago"?

Either the Prime Minister and his ministers are operating on different policy blueprints or else this talk of "comprehensive study" is meant to assuage and distract the public when a policy decision has already been made.

Where is the white paper on nuclear power, prepared by the Energy Ministry, that was to be tabled to Cabinet in December 2009? The public should know the details concerning the basis on which Cabinet approval of nuclear has been won.

* Charles Santiago, DAP MP for Klang



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