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Media Statement by Chong Chieng Jen in Sibu on Wednesday, 12th May 2010:

Call on the Sibu and Lanang electorate to check their status on the electoral roll

Over the past three days, we have observed several incidents at the DAP Rejang Park Service Counters that may affect the turnout of the voters on the polling day. These include:

  • Everyday, at least 50 Sibu voters who were previously voted in Sibu found their names in Lanang Parliamentary constituency (P211) . Many voters complained that they were not informed of the change and are frustrated for being disqualified in this by-election.

  • Many voters complained that they were told by the staff from BNís operation center that they are not eligible to vote in this coming by-election, however, we found that they are actually eligible voters in the website of the Election Commission (SPR).

  • A small number of people who are shifted to other constituencies such as Selangau (P.214) and even Kuching.

  • We also found out that there are voters who were previously voted in Lanang are eligible to vote in this by-election.

We question the motive of Election Commission (SPR) for causing so much confusion to the voters. Many voters feel that they are deprived of their right to vote, at the same time, we believe that many voters in Lanang may not know that they are eligible voters in this by-election. Such confusion will certainly affect the votersí turnout on the polling day.

In order to ensure a free and fair election, every vote counts. We urge all electorate from Sibu and Lanang to check their status in the electoral roll. Please contact DAP Service center at:Rejang Park(010-5371600), Sungai Merah(010-5371200) and Bukit Assek (217343) or check online:

* Chong Chieng Jen DAP Sibu By-election Campaign Director



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