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Media Statement by David Wong in Sibu on Monday, 17th May 2010:

Wong Soon Koh should stop being a sore loser - show proof or apologise for baseless allegations against Lim Guan Eng

SUPP Sibu chairman and Sarawak Minister of Finance (II) and Minister of Environment and Public Health, Dato' Sri Wong Soon Koh must show proof to support his false allegations against DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, that Lim behaved rudely by storming into SPR office yesterday at Wisma Sanyan. Should Dato' Sri Wong fail to do so, then he should apologise for being a sore loser who cannot accept a loss and try to divert attention with lies.

Lim did not raise his voice at all throughout. Lim had discussions with the SPR officer Ismail in the presence of BN candidate Robert Lau Jr over DAP's objection to the conduct of counting of postal votes. Lim was invited by Ismail to his office to discuss DAP's refusal to sign Form 15, the result sheet for postal votes, in protest. Finally both sides agreed that whilst the SPR decision was disputed by DAP, DAP can make complaints and need not sign Form 15. Ismail thanked Lim and the disputed postal votes result conveyed to the counting centre.

How can Dato' Sri Wong tell lies that Lim had stormed into the offices and behaved rudely when he was invited by Ismail? This is most irresponsible and dishonest of SUPP leaders. Dato' Sri Wong should show proof or else apologise. Failure to do so would only justify the decisions of the Sibu voters who rejected such irresponsible and dishonesty by SUPP leaders in electing DAP candidate Wong Ho Leng as their MP yesterday.

* David Wong, DAP Sarawak Publicity Secretary



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