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Media Statement by Nga Kor Ming in Ipoh on Monday, 17th May 2010:

DAP creates miracle at Sibu by-election a great people's victory

The victory at Sibu is one of the most remarkable one especially it is the first ever victory achieved by DAP under the people's alliance, Pakatan Rakyat.

Despite against all odds and various dirty political tactics, the DAP managed to withstand the challenge and emerged as eventual winner. DAP wons in all Chinese majority areas and increase votes from Melanau community, an increase of total 2954 votes compares to 2008 General Election is a significant improvement.

The DAP also managed to score more than 70% support from Chinese community which made SUPP suffered a huge blow with the impending State Election which will be due in a year. If not because of the postal votes which sees Barisan Nasional scored an unbelievable 97%, the DAP's vote of majority shall convincingly exceeds 3,000 votes. In Belambau area, DAP majority even reached a 5651 high.

I call on Election commission to abolish postal votes to ensure fair and clean elections. The postal votes is always subject to criticsm due to various weaknesses in the electoral process.

I also urge the Anti Corruption Commission(SPRM) to take appropriate action against Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Bin Tun Razak who had clearly involved in open bribery with his infamous "i help u, u help me" approach and open promise to issue RM5 millions cheque should only Barisan Nasional wins in this crucial battle.

It is a great relief the results show that the people of Sibu proved to the world that their votes are not for sale, instead their precious votes are vote of dignity.

The aftermath of the by-election indicated that East Malaysia is no longer the fixed deposit or safe seats for Barisan Nasional. Should Pakatan Rakyat continues to keep up the paste and provides new hope to the people, it is not impossible that Malaysia will witness the first ever power transition in the next general election.

Let us give praise to the people of Sibu's courage who rise up to the occasion to reject votes buying, open bribery, political lies and racial politics which had been practiced by Barisan Nasional since decades ago. We are truly grateful to the people of Sibu, God had heard our prayers and the people had decided to speak up through their vote for Justice and fairness.

* Nga Kor Ming, DAP Perak Secretary& MP for Taiping



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