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Media Comment by Lim Kit Siang in Petaling Jaya on Saturday, 1st May 2010: 


Latest Tweets on killing of Aminulrasyid

Tq 4support proposal Hanif RCI #Aminulrasyid n police shooting deaths since 2005 Can 4MCA Ministers n MCA Youth support RT @weekasiongmp 04/30/2010 02:14 PM

AG not satisfied with probe #Aminulrasyid killing n sent back police papers This is just unacceptable Set up Hanif RCI into Aminul's death!
04/30/2010 08:18 PM

Hisham's useless toothless #Aminulrasyid "special panel" chaired by dep home minister AbuSeman cannot inquire or recommend Utter waste time!
04/30/2010 09:46 PM

#Aminulrasyid SpecialPanel Chairmn AbuSeman: Don't want politicians-they have special interest. DeputyHomeMinister points finger at himself!
05/01/2010 05:47 AM

#Aminulrasyid Special Panel most useless body ever set up by govt in nation's history-cannot investigate cannot make recommendations 2police
05/01/2010 05:51 AM

#Aminulrasyid SpPanel Chmn AbuSeman dare not reveal names of all 8members Where's transparency? Dare not criticise IGP 4ransoming nation Where's authority n legitimacy?
05/01/2010 05:58 AM

#Aminulrasyid Why IGP ask 4inquest when PAS MP Khalid produced 2nd witness on trigger-happy police shooting n not murder/homicide charge?
05/01/2010 06:21 AM

MCA Youth leader supports Tun Hanif RCI into police killing #Aminulrasyid Will Umno Youth n BNYouth also support? RT @Khairykj @weekasiongmp
05/01/2010 06:52 AM

Msia sends police 2join UNpeacekeeping missions abroad eg Timor-Leste Darfur Kosovo SierraLeone Cambodia #Aminulrasyid Rthey trigger happy?
05/01/2010 07:17 AM

#Aminulrasyid Question 4IGP n Hisham - R all police grilled 2comply w UN Code of Conduct 4Law Enforcement Officials esp re use of firearms?
05/01/2010 07:21 AM

Have not expressed myself clearly When I put tat question I implied our police in UN missions are fully trained But why is there such high rate of trigger-happy police incidents inside country? RT @__earth
05/01/2010 09:36 AM

*Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Ipoh Timor



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