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Media statement by Teresa Kok Suh Sim in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 10th March 2011:

Najib must explain why he wasted RM63,000 of taxpayers' money to spam 1.25 million Malaysians with "Salam 1Malaysia" at the jaw dropping cost of 5 sen per email address

I am stunned to learn that Prime Minister Najib Razak wasted RM63,000 of taxpayers' money to spam 1.25 million Malaysians with one same "Salam 1Malaysia" email at the jaw dropping cost of 5 sen per email address.

In the Prime Minister's Office written reply to MP for Batu Gajah yesterday, "Ucapan peribadi YAB Perdana Menteri telah dihantar kepada sejuta dua ratus lima (1,255,528) penerima rakyat Malaysia… Kos yang dikenakan adalah berjumlah Ringgit Malaysia Lima sen (RM0.05) setiap satu email."

For all his purported use of Twitter and Facebook, Najib is neither IT-savvy nor cost-savvy. If he was, he would have recognised the insanity of paying the exorbitant price of 5 sen per email when the cost of sending email is negligible.

Furthermore, the cost of email transmission does not multiply with every email address added.

This senseless spending is disgraceful but hardly shocking given the numerous cases of overpriced purchases, excessive spending and unfair contracts committed to by the government with Najib as both the Finance Minister and Prime Minister, conveniently enough for him.

I remind him that the budget that Najib the Finance Minister allocates to Najib the Prime Minister are not his personal funds, but the hard-earned money of Malaysian taxpayers, intended for public services, which he must manage prudently to serve all Malaysians, not selected companies.

This disclosure brings to question which company profited from this lucrative "Salam 1Malaysia" spamming project which had no open tender process. Upon clicking on the URL of the "Unsubscribe" link in the said email, it appears that Najib awarded to contract to Lyris, Inc, a marketing technology company based in California, USA instead of any Malaysian company.

I encourage all right-thinking Malaysians to click "Unsubscribe" on Najib's unsolicited "Salam 1 Malaysia" mailing list to save our taxpayers' money and to send a strong message of protest against the excessive spending on his trite, hollow and insincere 1Malaysia message.

*najib's salam 1malaysia email.pdf

*parlimen answer on najib's salam 1malaysia email.pdf

* Teresa Kok Suh Sim, National Organising Secretary, Selangor State Senior EXCO for Investment, Industry & Trade & MP for Seputeh



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