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Media statement by Ng Wei Aik in Georgetown on Friday, 11th March 2011:

BN's narrow-mindedness to claim credit for Penang's investment success

UMNO Teluk Bahang Assemblyman Datuk Dr. Hilmi Yahya's statement that the Federal Government should also be given credit by Penang State Government for becoming the top state for investment has clearly showed the narrow-mindedness of UMNO and BN leaders.

Although the Federal Government would like to make its claim, it is nevertheless a reflection of investors' confidence towards the Penang State Government.

Without investors' confidence in the energy, expertise and entrepreneurship of our human talent, it is not easy for Penang to attract them to invest or re-invest here by just relying on the Federal Government's incentive or encouragement.

The State Government is not keen to take all the credit from this success, as what claimed by Dr. Hilmi. In fact, the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in his press conference on 19 January 2011 has also given credit to the Federal Government agencies from MIDA and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

It is a great achievement that should be shared 1.6 million Penangites. Without the hard work and support lent by the Penangites, the investors' confidence will not be enhanced and thus expanding their existing manufacturing facilities in Penang.

Our investments were derived mostly from expansion of existing investment of RM9,392 million, and new investment of RM2,846 million. Dr. Hilmi said that no new major factories were set up in the state from 2008 to 2010 is half-truth statement and there were a lot of factories not set up on PDC's land and will not become part of PDC's report.

The denial syndrome by UMNO and BN leaders has once again telling us that they had totally lost touch with the people's sentiment.

BN leaders like Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon's explanation that the previous state government has provided a strong foundation and platform for the present state government to manage the state could not tally with the surge of public confidence as well as investors' confidence towards the present state government.

Without knowing that it is utterly shameless acts of their desperation if UMNO and BN leaders want to continue their credit claim for the success and not for the failures in Penang due to their past incompetencies and current unfairness to Penangites too, especially in terms of the distribution of the Federal Government's financial grants and allocations.

Ng wei Aik, DAP Penang State Secretary & SA for Komtar



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