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Media statement by M.Kula Segaran in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 31st March 2011:

Indian last policy a form of clear discrimination against the employment of Indians must be done away with

During question time in Parliament today I posed the following question to the Human Resources Ministry :

a) why Government says we have full employment when many have difficulty getting jobs and any plans for unemployeds?

b) why ther is no unemployments benefits for those in need?

The Human Resources Minister in reply said that only 3% of Malaysians are unemployed namely about 420 thousand of them. He gave 4 reasons why graduates are unemployed;

  1. the field of study possessed by the graduate is not much in demand

  2. Many employers wants experience before employing

  3. Lack of communication skill

  4. Not proficient in the English language

Also he said in the cases of non graduates 4 factors are responsible:

  1. too choosy to choose a place of work

  2. hopping for a high salary

  3. lack of information on job opportunities

  4. offer of jobs is insufficient to meet costs of living

He further said that it is the priority of the Governments policy to employ locals rather then foreigners.

Its hardly believable that Malaysia has only 420 thousand people unemployed. Infact I said the reality is nearly a million or more could be unemployed and these can be seen if one is on the ground. Although the Ministry disputes the figures I gave there is no doubt at least among the orang asli and the Indians the unemployment is very high.

"Indian last policy"

Of late it is said "employ Indian last" policy is being practiced in the private sector. It is well known that in the private sector the reluctance to employ Indians and Orang Asli is well known. Although the minister refuted my view but the truth on the ground is that most lowly paid job in the private sector are held by Indians. Office boys, cleaners, drivers and the like are all most all Indians. Why?

Why there is a Indian last policy being practiced actively without any concern by the government?

Even in the Government sector its no different! Invariably the lowest paid jobs are occupied by the Indians. The Minister cannot just pretend this is not a factor to be looked into and a solution to be worked out the soonest possible.

The employing of Indians as the last choice should stop. Indian last policy a form of clear discrimination against the employment of Indians must be done away with.

Unemployment benefits

In almost all countries which professes to have full employment there is adequate protection to workers who can be gainfully employed but cannot find a job.

The rational for unemployment benefits, is to ensure that those workers who cannot be gainfully employed the state will provide a minimum sum until such time the worker finds a employable job. A people concern Government will have such a policy.

The absence of such a policy in Malaysia is most unfortunate.

* M. Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Ipoh Barat



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