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Media Statement by Wong Kah Woh in Ipoh on Thursday, 9th August 2012:

DAPSY lodges a police report against Utusan Malaysia

The DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) has lodged a police report against Utusan Malaysia for its cover page headlines - "Sokong DAP Haram", at IPD, Ipoh today.

Yesterday, the headlines by Utusan Malaysia said in bolded words, "Sokong DAP Haram". The report which followed by the accusation of DAP of not accepting the Federal Constitution. It further went on and made a comparison between MCA and MIC whereby it stated that MCA and MIC's struggle does not harm the position of Islam and Muslims, and indirectly categorizes DAP as kafir harbi who goes against the position of Islam under the Federal Constitution.

This is a blatant case of false reporting. The report has extremely seditious elements as well as defamatory remarks. DAP is a multi-racial party and respects the position of Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia and the freedom of religion as provided under the Federal Constitution. Our stance is clear. Sadly, Utusan Malaysia has continuously gone on with its baseless reports and lies in order to induce racial and religious sentiments. This goes against basic newspaper ethics!

The 13th General Elections will be held at any moment. Utusan Malaysia, being a major mouth-piece of UMNO, has given way to such reporting in a prominent way. It is clearly the intent to create uneasiness among the different races and religions of the people of Malaysia. Obviously Utusan Malaysia is there to assist its political masters to achieve its political agenda. This is a serious case of defamation against DAP, which is also part of the government. The headlines and article was meant to incite hatred and dissatisfaction against DAP. Police should take this matter seriously and investigate.

Furthermore, this is the month of Independence for Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia's reporting has totally destroyed Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak's slogan of Malaysia and have tried to make Malaysians fall into the disharmony of race and religion yet again.

The achievement of the five states (including a short-term government in Perak) has piled the pressure on BN for the next General Elections. When BN is unable to match the Pakatan Rakyat's States performances, all they can do is rely on the 3Rs - race, religion and royal issues, in order to win votes. These cheap political shots by BN at PR will only make cause Malaysia's democratic system to move backwards. The people of Malaysia need to use their votes to say NO to cheap politics.

In order to maintain their position, UMNO on one hand incites racial and religious sentiment within the Malays community while on the other hand uses their partners within BN (MCA, MIC, Gerakan) to accuse DAP of supporting an Islamic State within the Chinese community. Lies again! We urge MCA, MIC and Gerakan to make a stance in this case. Does MCA, MIC and Gerakan agree to Utusan Malaysia's reporting and accusation that DAP is deemed as kafir harbi?

* Wong Kah Woh, DAPSY National Vice Chairman & SA for Canning



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