Bulletin Archive - Nov 2005

30/11/2005 No’ To The Electricity Tariff Increase-7 Reasons
30/11/2005 PM - suspend Noh Omar for 3rd firestorm of outrage
30/11/2005 Royal Commission on Malaysian Health System
29/11/2005 Naked ear-squats - PM runs danger of police inquiry being watered down
29/11/2005 Rejection of Teresa Kok's motion - No First World Parliament even in 2020
29/11/2005 Bank Negara’s Anti-Inflation Policy Failed!
29/11/2005 Naked ear-squat inquiry - forerunner to IPCMC
28/11/2005 Who will back down – PM and DPM or Deputy IGP?
28/11/2005 Another black eye in the PDRM records
28/11/2005 Ucapan oleh Lim Hock Seng
28/11/2005 Tariff Hike for Tenaga-Not Justifiable
28/11/2005 Malaysians-Forge National Unity, Achieve Prosperity, Success, Justice and Freedom!
27/11/2005 Azmi Khalid-Bring along Immigration Department Officials!
27/11/2005 Insubordination bombshell - Musa Hassan should resign as Deputy IGP
26/11/2005 Ministerial attendance in Parliament - PM should issue directive from Malta
26/11/2005 MPMUPM- menghormati hak berpersatuan mahasiswa-mahasiswi!
26/11/2005 Police Abu Ghraib scandal - why IPCMC urgently needed
25/11/2005 Seruan DAPSY-Tarik Balik Dakwaan Tatatertib terhadap 6 Mahasiswa UPM!
25/11/2005 Memorandum Submitted to IGP, Bakri
25/11/2005 Azmi trip to China - postpone until action taken against  police/immigration abuses
24/11/2005 Ucapan oleh Teresa Kok
23/11/2005 Surat Kepada PM-Polis Balas Dendam!
22/11/2005 When will the Matrade building be completed?
22/11/2005 Pak Lah not alone in fight against corruption - challenge to ministers
22/11/2005 Enforce Ban on Driving While Talking on Hand- Held Cell- Phone now.
22/11/2005 The Politics of Language Should Make Way for Progress
22/11/2005 Ucapan oleh Teresa Kok
22/11/2005 Tsu Koon-harus menunjukkan keikhlasan
21/11/2005 Our Ministers IT-savvy?
20/11/2005 Allow "sex-changed" status in identity card
20/11/2005 5% university places allocated to foreigners - suspend implementation
20/11/2005 Tsu Koon – Don’t allow Khairy and Mahathir to bully you and shut you up
19/11/2005 Select Committee on Higher Education - Shafie has not kept his word
19/11/2005 Foo Sze Kuan case - major setback for anti-corruption campaign in police force
18/11/2005 New Myanmar capital - acute ASEAN embarrassment
18/11/2005 Historic unity of MPs, BN and Opposition, also a historic flop
18/11/2005 Majlis Perwakilan Mahasiswa UPM Harus Diganti Nama Lain!
18/11/2005 Public universities must not continue to be intellectual wastelands
17/11/2005 Yes For Sabah & Sarawak to open up their legal system
17/11/2005 A Full Royal Commission Of Inquiry For MAS!
17/11/2005 48-hr ultimatum to Dy Foreign Minister - why denying Mahathir's gift to Mugabe
16/11/2005 Warning to deputy ministers/parl secs - don't go overboard
16/11/2005 Bank Negara- Answer These 6 Questions!
16/11/2005 RM10 salary cut motion for Jamaludin Jarjis next week
16/11/2005 Adakah Menteri Pertanian komited untuk menjadi kementeriannya yang tercemerlang?
15/11/2005 UMVC-another binge of glorification for falling
15/11/2005 What is Culture on Luxurious Toilets?
15/11/2005 Multi-purpose Aedes Mosquito Breeding Centre
15/11/2005 Urgent fax to PM - establish select committees on higher education and IT
15/11/2005 Denial syndrome-The First Crisis of Higher Education
15/11/2005 Speech By M. Kula Segaran
15/11/2005 Shafie Salleh- Failed To Raise Malaysian Public University Standards
14/11/2005 Bank Negara-Let's Meet Up and Give Us Explanation!
14/11/2005 Laporan Polis Ke atas Ali Rustam
13/11/2005 Mahatjhir's gift to Mugabe - how much it cost Malaysians?
12/11/2005 Bank Negara-Awaiting Your Explanation!
12/11/2005 Gerakan, MCA-Don't Run Away!
12/11/2005 Mass Media Under Control,Press Freedom & Freedom of Information Sacrificed!
12/11/2005 Keng Yaik - why the silence leaving Tsu Koon out in the cold?
12/11/2005 Seven Billboards of Shame and Dishonour
12/11/2005 Chan Kong Choy-Stop Critising Koh Tsu Koon, State MCA's Stand!
11/11/2005 Malaysian Preventive Security Laws;ISA, OSA And UUCA-Failed!
11/11/2005 Massive Blog Attack Foiled
11/11/2005 Infringement Of Students Rights By University Authority
11/11/2005 PM-Siasat Tabung Misteri Kebajikan Ali Rustam!
11/11/2005 Can TNB be fair to consumers as it overcomes tempered meters?
10/11/2005 Meritocracy the only road to world-class universities
10/11/2005 Chua Soi Lek-Demand Refund From MARA Scholarship Doctors
10/11/2005 "2-4-3" controversy - Is Gerakan prepared to review its position in BN?
09/11/2005 UTUSAN-Stop Highlighting Provocative Sentiments!
09/11/2005 Keng Yaik-Can You Give Us Assurance?
09/11/2005 Email Address Must Be Easily Found and not Hidden!
09/11/2005 USM - Cancel "London Consultant" appointment
08/11/2005 Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Chief Secretaries, Director-General- Publish Your Email Address!
08/11/2005 Fraudulent Issuance of Land Titles by the Menteri Besar and the State Exco
08/11/2005 UM the second worst Asia-Pacific varsity performer after USM in 2004 Top 200
08/11/2005 2nd email - Ministers should spearhead anti-corruption campaign in their ministries
07/11/2005 3-pt 3-page email to Ministers on Malaysian world-class universities
07/11/2005 Keng Yaik - Release 2 water bills with all water studies/reports
06/11/2005 Crisis of higher education - email to all Cabinet Ministers
05/11/2005 Disastrous drop in Top 200 Universities - Ministers should speak up in Cabinet
04/11/2005 Independent inquiry on the standard of Malaysian Universities
04/11/2005 Court Order to MPPJ to compensate Taman Desaria Residents-Another Challenge to An Accountable Government
04/11/2005 Greater accountability and transparency in the administration of justice
04/11/2005 Second RM10-cut motion against Shafie Salleh as Higher Education Minister
02/11/2005 Suspend Hashim as UM VC - totally unfit and unqualified
02/11/2005 Hanya perpaduan ikhlas dapat mengikis perasaan syak wasangka antara kaum dan agama
02/11/2005 Give Pak Lah a helping hand to get nation on tract after 2 years
01/11/2005 UM may follow USM - out of Top 200 Universities Ranking
01/11/2005 MPPJ must explain reasons for the delay of the Jalan Universiti road upgrade project