Bulletin Archive - January 2006

28/01/2006 125 recommendations - DAP MPs to meet IGP/DIGP
27/01/2006 DAP wishes all Chinese Malaysians a Happy, Healthy, Auspicious and Prosperous Chinese New Year!
27/01/2006 Let's usher in the Lunar New Year with hope for a peaceful, stable and yet prosperous year.
27/01/2006 Make next 12 months a better economic, political, educational and social year
27/01/2006 Wishing all races Happy New Year
27/01/2006 Royal Commission of Inquiry to be Set Up: Uphold Accountability , Allow Justice To Prevail
27/01/2006 Lim Keng Yaik-Stand Up For Our Right to Enjoy Reasonable Rates!
27/01/2006 Declassify all privatisations - not just Metramac Cabinet minutes
27/01/2006 IPCMC - not another "toothless" Suhakam
27/01/2006 Rakaman kenyataan berkenaan laporan polis Abdul Razak yang berniat jahat
27/01/2006 Crooked Half-Bridge- another national folly!
26/01/2006 Samy Vellu should pull up PLUS for poor safety standards
26/01/2006 Road dividers along Jalan SS4A/1 – long delay from MPPJ criticized.
25/01/2006 Metramac scandal - should Halim refund or govt sue Daim for RM32.5 million?
25/01/2006 Cabinet - set up ICPMC to implement Squatgate Commission reforms
25/01/2006 Perak Menteri Besar-The people of Perak do not need water privatization!
25/01/2006 Abdul Razak Mohd Ghazali-Laporan Polis Anda Buat Tidak Tepat
25/01/2006 Freedom to join and leave a religion is vitally necessary and important
23/01/2006 Squatgate Commission - Cabinet cannot "pass the buck"
23/01/2006 Immediate end to naked earsquats - Police must break week-long silence
23/01/2006 How do we solve inter-religious problems amicably?
21/01/2006 Article 121(1A) controversy – don't create synthetic political  crisis
21/01/2006 Seeking the Restoration of The Position in the 1957 Merdeka Constitution
21/01/2006 Article 121(1A) - PM should not pre-empt Cabinet decision to "punish" non-Muslim Ministers
20/01/2006 Jawapan bertulis daripada Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Perkejaan – Notis larangan dikeluarkan.
20/01/2006 Cabinet credibility plumbs to lowest depth in nation's 48-year history?
20/01/2006 DAP To Seek A Meeting With Proton
19/01/2006 Moorthy’s case make non-Muslim parties in Barisan Nasional to rethink on the impact of Islamic State and Islamisation.
19/01/2006 Can Anyone Tell The Profits Earned by Metramac?
19/01/2006 Metramac scandal - Finance and Works Ministries must speak up
19/01/2006 Disband Putrajaya "snoop squad" - why not nipped at ministry level?
19/01/2006 Squatgate scandal - why no Cabinet ban on police nude earsquats?
19/01/2006 Failure To Announce The National Automotive Policy (NAP)- Huge Investment Losses to Malaysia!
19/01/2006 Follow Squatgate Commission’s recommendation
19/01/2006 PM-Apa Terjadi keatas Laporan Polis Dibuat Oleh 4 Wanita Warga China?
18/01/2006 Broga Incinerator Project: Selangor Land Mines Department's Misleading Statement
18/01/2006 Metramac/Cheras Toll Collection Scandal-A Royal Commission Of Inquiry Required
18/01/2006 PM - halt growing drift and rudderlessness in leadership and governance
18/01/2006 Another Failure in the Health Ministry’s Delivery System
17/01/2006 Metramac imbroglio - Daim, Halim and Elyas should appear before SC on Integrity
16/01/2006 Cabinet must not be "censor" on tranparency
16/01/2006 Police Report Made-Criminal Breach of Trust & Abuse of Power
16/01/2006 The Totalisator Board -Be Accountable to The Public
15/01/2006 "Cabinet reshuffle" refuelled 3 days after "no inspiration" statement
15/01/2006 Metramac Corporation Bhd (Metramac) Scandal= Malaysia Boleh?
14/01/2006 Volkswagen bombshell - something very amiss with Proton management
14/01/2006 Proton-Answer These Questions!
14/01/2006 Daim's RM764 million "patronage" to be discussed at Parl Select Committee on Integrity
14/01/2006 Police Nude-Squat Inquiry Commission Report should be made public
13/01/2006 Tapping the Malaysian Diaspora - Great challenge of 9MP
12/01/2006 Article 121(1A) and Islamic Family Law - separate parliamentary select committees
11/01/2006 BPR-Laporan Berkaitan Tabung Misteri Kebajikan Kesihatan Ali Rustam
11/01/2006 Cabinet reshuffle stalemate - Pak empowered or paralysed by landslide electoral victory?
10/01/2006 Continuing recalcitrance - process to suspend Myanmar from ASEAN must begin
10/01/2006 Keng Yaik's utter contempt for the country's premier university
10/01/2006 Keselamatan ialah aspek terpenting yang perlu dipraktik dan diutamakan
10/01/2006 Jabatan Alam Sekitar - Demi Kesihatan Penduduk Jangan Luluskan Tapak Insinerator !
09/01/2006 Moorthy case - letter to PM and query for AG
03/01/2006 Bengkel kerja menetapkan draf untuk rang undang-undang pemansuhan AUKU

Police raid on "Black Metal": another folly of profiling?

03/01/2006 Islamic Family Law - Are Shahrizat and Abdullah Zin Ministers in the same Cabinet?
03/01/2006 Banning The Night Edition Of China Press-PM's Assurances Of Press Freedom?
02/01/2006 DAP 40, Malaysian First
02/01/2006 Integrity Cabinet - downsize Ministers to around 20
02/01/2006 DAPSY deplores the indiscriminate use of police force on festive celebrations
01/01/2006 Moorthy case - Abu Talib invited to Parliamentary Roundtable
01/01/2006 PM-This should be the Best 2006 New Year Gift!