Bulletin Archive - February 2006

28/02/2006 Higher Education - Mustapha shld honour undertakings not fulfilled by Shafie
28/02/2006 OUM-IPD advert - shame to Rukunegara and English standard
28/02/2006 30 cents Price Increase-Burdening People, Making 2006 Inflation Year!
28/02/2006 Shah Alam 225 Flood, State government should present a white paper!
27/02/2006 Khir Toyo-You Were Wrong And Irresponsible In Your Premature Declaration!
27/02/2006 “Hidup Malaysia” Is More Helpful Than “Hidup Melayu”
27/02/2006 Datuk Mustapa-Let's Meet Up!
25/02/2006 Conversion of religion should be allowed
25/02/2006 Drop all police action against Jeff Ooi
25/02/2006 EPF’s 5% Dividend Can Still Be Increased!
24/02/2006 Memorandum Bantahan Terhadap Cadangan Pembinaan Stesen Pemindahan Sisa di Kg Bohol
24/02/2006 Keng Yaik's water bills consultation - why Opposition MPs excluded?
24/02/2006 NST cartoon furore - media freedom finally greatest casualty?
24/02/2006 Syed Hamid-Say and Do Something!
23/02/2006 Gugurkan Pertuduhan Terhadap Lima Orang Mahasiswa USM
23/02/2006 Goods and Services Tax(GST)Postponed but OPR Increased!
23/02/2006 Will GST or VAT ever be implemented?
23/02/2006 Senate appointments - give civil society right to object
23/02/2006 Don't slide down more chilly/slippery slope of media censorship
23/02/2006 Hidden agenda behind the proposed relocation of Ipoh Central Market?
23/02/2006 Selangor DOE shall announce the Environmental Impact Accessment Report for Saujana Puchong Cenetery Project
22/02/2006 Give RTM free rein to be independent news organisations
21/02/2006 RM4.6 million 2002 Mahathir-Bush meeting - Megat Junid should explain
21/02/2006 DAP urges an immediate repeal of Section 95(2) of the Street Drainage and Building Act 1974
20/02/2006 80% recommendations implemented - why police not trumpeting from rooftops?
20/02/2006 Police Commission recommendations - IGP's belated/grudging support
20/02/2006 Government-Remove The Legal Immunity To Local Government Councils From Prosecution!
19/02/2006 BNM Securities Commission - Act Fairly and Impartially!
19/02/2006 BN MPs-Dare You Oppose for the Sake of the People?
19/02/2006 4 Cadangan Utama Untuk Mempertingkatkan Integriti Di Malaysia.
18/02/2006 Cabinet reshuffle fast becoming a farce
18/02/2006 MCA, Gerakan And MIC- Take the Challenge
18/02/2006 Suspension of Guang Ming-Too Harsh
18/02/2006 Let us have countdown on the MRR2 repair project

Proton-Answer These Questions!

17/02/2006 KPIs for Ministers?
16/02/2006 Designate Minister with special responsibility on reform and integrity
15/02/2006 Waffle of Cabinet reshuffle - 9MP Cabinet as intractable problem as 9MP
14/02/2006 Cabinet Reshuffle=Valentine Day’s Cabinet Side-Shuffle?
14/02/2006 Cabinet reshuffle – a great disappointment
14/02/2006 Demand Answers From Proton Headquarters
14/02/2006 MM questions on 1 Euro Agusta sale - Proton must answer
14/02/2006 Abdul Kadir Sheikh should not Resign But His Deputy!
14/02/2006 Government-Suspend South KL Solid Waste Transfer Station project
14/02/2006 The 10 “ang pows” this year in the form of price increases
13/02/2006 Stop Government from killing public health system.
13/02/2006 Zainudin Maidin-Apologise And Withdraw Your Unfair Remarks!
13/02/2006 8 Strategi Utama Untuk Menjayakan Matlamat Rasuah Sifar Di Malaysia
11/02/2006 IPCMC - AG should give top priority
11/02/2006 Penyalahgunaan Kuasa Kerajaan BN Melaka- Wang Rakyat Sebanyak RM 250,000 dibazirkan!
10/02/2006 IPCMC - Hishammuddin/UMNO Youth should revoke opposition
10 /02/2006 Keng Yaik-10 Reasons for you to Say "No"
09/02/2006 Lecturers' English "practically incomprehensible"
09/02/2006 Menjemput MPMUM secara rasmi untuk menghadiri Bengkel “Mansuhkan AUKU – Beri nafas baru kepada mahasiswa”.
08/02/2006 DAPSY to organise workshop on the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA)
08/02/2006 Does it take one year to get the repair works on MRR2 approved?
08/02/2006 IPCMC - table mid-term 2-yr reform report for all ministries/depts
08/02/2006 DAP To Send Memorandum To Proton Headquarters Next Week
08/02/2006 PM-You Failed in Carrying Out the Promised Cabinet Reshuffle
07/02/2006 PM-This should be the Best 2006 New Year Gift!
07/02/2006 Danish cartoon row - can Malaysia promote global dialogue?
07/02/2006 Cabinet-Adopt a Collective Decision in Setting up the IPCMC!
06/02/2006 Can we have a full report of the Kepong flyover (MRR2) saga?
06/02/2006 PM-Penubuhan Suruhanjaya Bebas dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) Disegerakan!
06/02/2006 IPCMC- Pak Lah's reassurrance thrown into doubt less than 24 hrs
06/02/2006 Police force must show serious and sincere commitment to enhance operational professionalism
06/02/2006 MRR2- Pak Lah's ship-of-state listing and foundering
05/02/2006 Botakgate - Discipline Kajang OCPD
05/02/2006 Botakgate: DAP to help victims to take legal action against the Kajang police
03/02/2006 Botakgate scandal - PM should reaffirm decision to set up IPCMC
02/02/2006 Shaving bald 11 mostly senior citizens in Kajang -new police respect for human rights?
01/02/2006 Unqualified doctors without clinical skills
01/02/2006 Mohd Ali Rustam-Ini Tangggungjawab Anda!
01/02/2006 Do we love Kuala Lumpur?