Bulletin Archive - May 2006

31/05/2006 Will police continue to be "loyal" if IPCMC set up?
31/05/2006 Will PM quell police revolt?
31/05/2006 Royal Malaysian Police Website Against IPCMC - A Challenge To PM
31/05/2006 Is Malaysia headed towards the point of no return?
30/05/2006 PM- Act Fast, End the Open Police “Revolt”
30/05/2006 PM Abdullah linked to PORR companies
29/05/2006 " Brain Drain" Policy=Discriminatory policies that sacrifices meritocracy & reward mediocrity.
29/05/2006 ASSK's continued detention - enough is enough!
29/05/2006 Cut down on wastages,leakages and corruption instead of resorting to price increase alone
29/05/2006 Government-Still Yet to learn!
27/05/2006 Reemergence of a strong DAP in Negeri Sembilan!
27/05/2006 IPCMC –  Is PAS for or against?
27/05/2006 Nor Mohamed Yakcop- Will You Resign?
27/05/2006 Malaysia to Achieve First Class Mentality, Competitiveness And Stop The Brain Drain Leaving Malaysia
27/05/2006 PM- You Must Regain Initiative Of Your Agenda
26/05/2006 Backbencher BN MPs- Not Committed to Establish Integrity And Fighting Abuse Of Power
26/05/2006 No Need For Any Increase in The TNB Tariff Hike!
25/05/2006 PM-Reverse PSD Scholarships’ decision!
25/05/2006 Say it “loud and clear”-We disagree with the hikes of fuel prices and power rates
24/05/2006 Granting 12% Average Tarriff Hike For TNB- Inflation Worsened!
24/05/2006 BN Whip Panel on "close-one-eye" scandal - has it locus standi?
24/05/2006 Prime Minister-Increase The PSD scholarships by another 20%!
23/05/2006 Live telecast Sarawak State Assembly proceedings - first in Malaysia
23/05/2006 Officially recognise Wong Ho Leng as Sarawak Assembly Opposition Leader
23/05/2006 First "1st World Mentality" Challenge to Sarawak Assembly - lowest 9MP "leakage" in all states
23/05/2006 DAP Will Speak Up For All Sarawakians
22/05/2006 PM should tell it straight to Taib/Chan why BN lost in Sarawak
22/05/2006 BN-Failed To Address The Economic Concerns Of The People
21/05/2006 DAP’s Success In Sarawak General Elections- Victory For The People Of Sarawak
21/05/2006 Happy 70th Birthday, Taib – Change lifestyle and get a ‘first-class mentality’
20/05/2006 Bursa Malaysia-Boost Investor Confidence!

Police must be transparent and fair in solving cases that may spark racial emotion.

19/05/2006 Civil service - restore political neutrality, independence and impartiality
19/05/2006 Taib's 70th birthday gift - asking for Alcatraz for democracy
19/05/2006 Call to EC to suspend election in Taib's constituency, Balingian
18/05/2006 Justice for Dayaks - DAP to continue champion in Parliament/Assembly
18/05/2006 How Can Sibu and Sarawak be progressive and prosperous?
17/05/2006 Taib Mahmud - Don't be greedy and power crazy for a one-party 70th birthday gift
17/05/2006 Mohd Said- Stop Hiding & Seeking Refuge in Sarawak!
17/05/2006 Article 11 Forum In Penang-Police Double-Standards And Hypocrisy
17/05/2006 PM-Should You Have People’s Interests at Your Heart, Don't Listen to Keng Yaik!
17/05/2006 T. Ravichandran-Congratulation!
17/05/2006 Stop hijacking the democratic space for discussion
16/05/2006 Vote DAP candidates to fly high Abdullah's anti-corruption campaign
16/05/2006 Taib Mahmud's last five years as CM - DAP check-and-balance critical
16/05/2006 Nazri - stop talking rubbish and barking up the wrong tree
16/05/2006 Bumi owns 36% share at Bursa Malaysia
16/05/2006 Mahathir-You are right in saying "Not to have a “too strong government,vote for a strong DAP team.""
15/05/2006 DAP MANIFESTO FOR SARAWAK STATE ELECTION 2006( Political Principles and Objectives)
15/05/2006 Vote the DAP candidate Fong Pau Teck for a better Miri
15/05/2006 BN conscience - Gerakan stop cowardly/craven stand on Samad-Said imbroglio
15/05/2006 Why police allow mob rule to disrupt Penang forum on Federal Constitution?
14/05/2006 Jasin MP's "Close-one-eye" scandal - revenge motive irrelevant
13/05/2006 Malaysia elected to UN Human Rights Council - three immediate measures
13/05/2006 Halt "outsourcing" of "filtering" of Chinese newspapers by Internal Security Ministry publication control unit
13/05/2006 SUPP Central Publicity Bureau Leaflet – A sign of blatant denial
13/05/2006 Whoever We Vote For, We Still Have The Right to Development!
13/05/2006 Shotgun end of 34-day Parliament - a blot for 92% BN dominated Parliament
13/05/2006 Why Our Top Students Continue To Be Denied Scholarships?

Chan Seng Khai-Dont Use taxpayers' money to campaign for yourself!


Never felt more disgusted in my 32 years as MP

12/05/2006 DAP wishes all Buddhists A Happy Wesak Day
11/05/2006 Sarawak state elections-one appeal plus 5 pertinent issues for consideration
11/05/2006 BPR- Mohd Said Yusof salahguna kuasa, mesti disiasat!
11/05/2006 Chan Seng Khai-You have failed your mission!
11/05/2006 Fuel Hike – let our views be known to BN
11/05/2006 National IP Policy, Patents and PCT

Malaysians in other states place their hope on Sarawakians to teach Barisan Nasional Government a lesson

10/05/2006 2006 Sarawak State Election – No wrong signal to BN!
10/05/2006 BN-How can You Bring Development to Kuching?Explain!
10/05/2006 Vote for DAP to safeguard our homes and lands
10/05/2006 RM6 million development funds for Ipoh Timur/Barat, Batu Gajah hijacked
09/05/2006 It's Time to Punish the BN and Vote for the DAP
09/05/2006 Sarawak BN Manifesto 2006 – Nice to Hear: Failed to Put to Test
09/05/2006 "Brake and review" - Stop parliamentary train careening into fourth-world ravine
08/05/2006 GATS and water national sovereign rights - MITI responds to CAWP
08/05/2006 Scrap antediluvian rule and form Select Committee on Parliamentary Reform/Modernization
08/05/2006 Speech on the Water Services Industry Bill 2006-The Great Leap Backward
07/05/2006 Ban on BN MPs from supporting Opposition motion - against National Mission/Islam Hadhari
06/05/2006 "One-eyed Napoleons"- BN MPs tear Pak Lah's PIN into shreds
05/05/2006 TNB’s request for a tariff hike-No Way!
05/05/2006 Second motion to refer MP for Jasin to Committee of Privileges
04/05/2006 Call for special intake programme to increase Chinese representation in the Police Force
04/05/2006 Education Ministry bureaucrats - eradicate "third-class mentality"
04/05/2006 Make English - basic universal skill - a compulsory pass in universities
04/05/2006 To Resolve The Destabilising Political Crisis- Hold A Public Referendum
03/05/2006 Keng Yaik-Who will pay up government loans?
03/05/2006 Siapakah sebenarnya mendapat kepercayaan rakyat jelata?
02/05/2006 Do we have first-class Parliament, universities and institutions?
01/05/2006 Post Zahid Report on the net- revamp KPTM bureaucracy
01/05/2006 MPSJ-Any Reply to The Hillslope of the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve?
01/05/2006 Semua rakyat Malaysia-Selamat Hari Pekerja!