Bulletin Archive - January 2008

31/01/2008 Mahathir right that BN and UMNO incapable of reform - why BN 2/3 majority must be slashed
31/01/2008 3-hr Cabinet meeting on general election - a premiership quickly losing ability to differentiate between right and wrong
31/01/2008 Dr. Basmullah in Kajang Prison - Karpal takes up case pro bono publico
30/01/2008 Dr.Basmullah paying RM1,333 for every day in jail
30/01/2008 Keng Yaik wrestling with the truth and his dubious 36-year political legacy?
30/01/2008 Samy Vellu dropped as BN candidate in next general election?
29/01/2008 Mahathir should be recalled to Lingam Tape RCI now that he has recovered his "elephant memory"
29/01/2008 Although case lost in Seremban High Court - let 74-yr-old Gan Eng Gor be the last "body-snatching" in Malaysia!
28/01/2008 I owe no apology to Samy, who owes apologies to me, MIC, Malaysian Indians, BN and Malaysia
28/01/2008 Inflation will not go away just by arresting protestors
27/01/2008 2008 General Elections - Lets Change It!
27/01/2008 End "body-snatching" - Cabinet cannot continue to shirk its responsibility
26/01/2008 Abdullah and Samy ignore Makkal Sakti at their own peril
26/01/2008 MCA & Gerakan's 'Altantunya Logic'
26/01/2008 Do we need a RCI on RCI on Lingam Tape to restore confidence in judiciary?
26/01/2008 If Anwar not a factor, why Abdullah cannot wait less than 2 months for next general election?
25/01/2008 IGP should patrol the streets once a month
25/01/2008 UMNO's 'Zero opposition' objective - end of democracy in Malaysia
25/01/2008 EC violates National Integrity Plan in rejecting "caretaker government" concept
25/01/2008 Govt scholars monitored and penalized for blogging on critical socio-political issues?
24/01/2008 RM20 billion losses from crime in 2007
24/01/2008 Another example of Malaysian university mediocrity
23/01/2008 Stand Together To Demand Justice, Political Freedoms And Equality For All
23/01/2008 DAP-PKR seats talks too slow - must be wrapped up by end-Jan as polls in 40 days
21/01/2008 Challenge to Sabah DCM for night-tour of Sandakan ghost-town (his 3-term constituency)
21/01/2008 Will RCI get infamy of being a "It looks like me, it sounds like me" royal commission?
21/01/2008 Sabah Development Corridor - will it end up as corridor for mega corruption?
21/01/2008 Nothing great to be cheered for Thaipusam holiday as it is still not a national public holiday
21/01/2008 Economic freedom will be an equally important election issue as political freedom
21/01/2008 Zero poverty in Sabah - "Sabah Baru", "Sabah Development Corridor" and Pak Lah's high-powered committee
21/01/2008 Abdullah should emulate Tunku and take 2 mths leave as PM in his nation-wide tour as BN Chairman
21/01/2008 Pak Lah's announcement of Thaipusam as public holiday - Thousand pities
20/01/2008 Abdullah - declare Wednesday January 23 as first Thaipusam national public holiday
19/01/2008 DAP KDM Declaration - let KDM not end up as outsiders in the land of their ancestors
19/01/2008 The KDM Declaration
19/01/2008 Lingam tape RCI competition for "I cannot remember" - Mahathir 14 times, Eusoff Chin 18 times in mid-testimony
18/01/2008 DAP has no links with PAS
18/01/2008 Lingam tape RCI - Mahathir evasive, forgetful and irresponsible
18/01/2008 Time for new Education Minister if Hishammuddin cannot free national schools from the clutches of Little Mullah Napoleons (LMN)
17/01/2008 Every victory and vote recorded by MCA, Gerakan and MIC is an endorsement of UMNO’s dominance, divisive and discriminatory policies
17/01/2008 Remove SMK BUD4 principal unless she mend her ways
17/01/2008 Will Keng Yaik redeem his political sins in his last few weeks in Cabinet?
17/01/2008 Nurin and Sharminie would have been safe if key recommendations of Royal Police Commission to keep crime low had been implemented
16/01/2008 Non-bumi contractors are still not allowed to bid and tender for government contracts
16/01/2008 UMNO’s dominance is the largest threat to the survival of democracy in Malaysia
16/01/2008 Is MIC politics the most violent of all political parties – and if so, why?
16/01/2008 Never more "Little Napoleons" as schools principals in 50 years
16/01/2008 Abdullah's shortest-lived guessing-game for any Prime Minister
15/01/2008 Would Gerakan, Keng Yaik and Tsu Koon dare to oppose UMNO MPs who showed contempt for minorities, women and rule of law?
15/01/2008 Is Samy prepared to go in repentance to Cabinet tomorrow to admit marginalisation of Malaysian Indians?
15/01/2008 Songkok as compulsory uniform for prefects - JB English College backs down
15/01/2008 Smarter RCI - summon Lingam to give him opportunity to admit authencity of Lingam Tape
14/01/2008 Call for CI into all cases of murdered politicians since 2000 - any link with politics
14/01/2008 Call to all political parties to make "Good Cops, Safe Malaysia" common general election theme
13/01/2008 Will Samy Vellu recontest in Sungai Siput again?
12/01/2008 BN will definitely increase prices after elections
12/01/2008 Suspend "Little Napoleon" school principals who trample on sensitivities of plural Malaysia
12/01/2008 Royal Police Commission 125 Recommendations - What Happened?
12/01/2008 Selangor MB should call for “Good Cops, Safe Malaysia” Public Consultations
11/01/2008 RM20 billion losses from crime in 2007
11/01/2008 Samy cleared Hindraf of terrorist links - police should stop harassing Hindraf donors
11/01/2008 "Songkok" to be compulosry uniform of school prefects and students of Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar in Johor Baru?
11/01/2008 "Good Cops, Safe Malaysia" now - Sharlinie - Nurin stark reminders that crime knows no race, religion or politics
11/01/2008 Selangor Police Contingents should buck up to fight rising crime!
10/01/2008 Samy Vellu should resign as Minister for continuing to work against the cause of Indians to end marginalisation
10/01/2008 Abdullah's multi-prong anti-crime strategy - just general election gimmick?
09/01/2008 Employing 100,000 extra policemen to patrol the streets
09/01/2008 2007 crime index crashed through 200,000 barrier - biggest failure of 4-year Abdullah premiership
08/01/2008 Flour supply shortage and no roti canai - Shafie might as well honourably resign
08/01/2008 Who is Khairy to tell everyone including Ministers to stop speculating on when the general election would be held?
08/01/2008 Stop misallocating limited resources hunting Chua Soi Lek sex DVDs when top police priority is to fight endemic crime
07/01/2008 Foo Yueh Chuan appointed as DAP 12th General Elections National Campaign Director
07/01/2008 Samy Vellu - cut short his India trip to get Hindraf 5 released from ISA since there is no evidence of their terrorist links
07/01/2008 Where is PAC report on AG's Report 2006 before dissolution of Parliament?
06/01/2008 EC Chairman Rashid should implement "caretaker govt" concept to ensure free, fair, clean election
06/01/2008 Chua Soi Lek faces second "conspiracy of silence" on the MCA "blackhand" who caused his downfall
06/01/2008 Hishamuddin should pay attention to additional fees for school activities
05/01/2008 Obama's historic Iowa victory should spur historic role by Malaysians Indians in next general election
05/01/2008 Samy Vellu's triple shame in Chennai - apologies from mulitiple personalities warranted
05/01/2008 5 ISA detainees launch hunger
05/01/2008 Distributing Petronas profits to the rakyat
05/01/2008 Chua Soi Lek should listen to Ong Tee Keat’s advice
05/01/2008 Ban on "Allah" for non-Muslims and on stop-work on world's tallest Mazu statue - are moderates in Cabinet outnumbered by extremists?
04/01/2008 Gerakan does not dare to say “No” to UMNO
04/01/2008 BN MPs will only resign if they are caught naked with their pants down on tape
04/01/2008 Nation-wide cooking oil shortage - another dismal failure of good governance
04/01/2008 Samy Vellu anti-national, disloyal and traitor in his current trip to India?
04/01/2008 Call for special parliamentary meeting before Parliament dissolves in 70 days for general election
04/01/2008 Herald & "Allah" - "Wonderful Christmas present" which is not so "wonderful" after all
04/01/2008 Najib - teaching baby crab to walk straight
04/01/2008 Ensure adequate supply of petrol, gas, flour and other goods
04/01/2008 Oil price hits US$100 - government must act to reduce inflation
03/01/2008 Chua vs Chan - a moral indiscretion is unforgivable whereas it does not matter if corruption?
03/01/2008 Ka Ting doubling up as Acting Health Minister - ridiculous, shameful and unacceptable
03/01/2008 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - Kong Choy should emulate Chua Soi Lek
02/01/2008 Opposition should not fall into Rashid's trap to boycott GE
02/01/2008 PKFZ scandal - Chan Kong Choy should follow Chua Soi Lek’s brave example
02/01/2008 Sudden demise of fastest-rising star in political firmament - was Chua Soi Lek victim of double betrayal?
01/01/2008 BN’s quiet but early election campaign an electoral offence
01/01/2008 Private scandal should not be allowed to defeat public policy
01/01/2008 What Is RM 10 million for more than 33 Chinese primary, secondary and independent Chinese schools?