Bulletin Archive - March 2008

31/03/2008 Selangor State Government should also target to reduce NRW to below 20 percent in five years
31/03/2008 Release Manoharan and others from ISA detention to attend swearing-in ceremony for Selangor ADUNs
31/03/2008 Samy Vellu should apologise
29/03/2008 ISA release of Hindraf 5 - first post-March 8 test for MCA, MIC, Gerakan
28/03/2008 Public inquiry into several billions of ringgit of Wang Ehsan 'black gold' expenditures in Terengganu
27/03/2008 A New Malaysia 
27/03/2008 Second Abdullah Cabinet - no signs of 'Point made and point taken'
26/03/2008 Waiver of compound notices and summonses: an amnesty
26/03/2008 Emergency works to rehabilitate failed slope at Taman Seaport reservoir SS3 – to solve the problem or to create more problems?
26/03/2008 Support Datuk Shahrir as Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister
26/03/2008 "Pace of reforms"? - Abdullah has yet to come to terms with March 8 political tsunami
25/03/2008 Train 1,200 police recruits a year
25/03/2008 March 8 political tsunami - 8 matters for first Cabinet working meeting tomorrow
22/03/2008 Review implementation of all 125 recommendations of the Royal Commission on Police 
21/03/2008 Release Hindraf 5 from ISA - to start healing after political tsunami
19/03/2008 Five tests - "Reform Cabinet" or pseudo Reform Cabinet
18/03/2008 Support for Azizah as Parliamentary Opposition Leader
18/03/2008 Abdullah's new Cabinet - mixed signals with no luxury of political honeymoon
12/03/2008 No DAP CEC mandate for PAS Menteri Besar in Perak
11/03/2008 Penang DAP & PKR coalition government’s Agenda for Change
09/03/2008 The people endorses the agenda of change to establish a healthy functioning democracy
09/03/2008 DAP-PKR state government will pursue investor-friendly policies
07/03/2008 Putrajaya 4th-storey boys rushed in Penang - BN panics at wind of change in polls
07/03/2008 Devilish Star heading with two lies in 11 words - call for nation-wide firestorm protest without instant Star online apology
07/03/2008 No Chinese representationn in govt - then Pak Lah must step down as PM as he had promised to be PM for all races
06/03/2008 Penang pledge by DAP's 23 parliamentary and state candidates
06/03/2008 BN leaders - grow up and accept ups and downs of democratic process
05/03/2008 Reversal of use of indelible ink shocking
05/03/2008 Suspend Segamat OCPD for scuffle and using force on 7-month pregnant woman DAP candidate
05/03/2008 More seats won by MCA will only result in worsening UMNO political hegemony
04/03/2008 Smack the MCPs in Parliament and outside