Elections should not be held, unless the “Electoral Roll is cleaned up”

Based on the current prevailing matters arising concerning the huge numbers of unqualified and dubious Malaysian who are listed in the electoral roll, the elections should not be held unless the electoral roll is cleaned up. The electoral roll can be challenged because it is riddled with fraud. What sort of law is it that the electoral roll, once published in the gazette, cannot be challenged?

It is unfair to all genuine Malaysians to hold elections now with the electoral roll tainted with fraud and comprising people who are never the “real and true” citizens of Malaysia and they are now all over Malaysia. According to the “Citizenship Rules, 1964” people who want to apply to be Malaysian citizen by naturalization must become a permanent resident for more than 12 years and have been in Malaysia for more than 10 years. There is no such thing like “instant and “photo-copied” citizens. The sorry stage is that in Malaysia there is now hundreds of thousand or may be a million such people who are listed as eligible voters.

Many of these people have openly admitted that they were given citizenships by the BN government “on a silver platter” to vote in the past elections. What is the present BN government doing about these blatant facts and the tainted electoral roll? Does BN want to proceed with the 13th General Elections with the present highly disputable electoral roll or does BN want to admit the past mistakes and live within a “just and fair” society?

The Sabah CM Musa Aman said “No reason to change the government because of its slander”, given that the rights of the genuine Sabahan being compromised and shared by many other “new citizens”, is this a “small slander” or a “big blunder”?

Past records from all over the world had demonstrated that unfairness and cheats have to be rectified and made good one way or another; and the masterminds have to be held fully accountable and responsible for their actions. In the “UN Declarations of Human Rights”, this issue must be treated “fair and just” and the sovereign right of Malaysians to vote must be held in high esteem. It cannot be compromised for the sake of a few politicians who want to hold on to power and position by using unfair and unjust tactic at the expense of millions of Malaysians. The harm and damages thereby caused tantamount to treason and fraud, and they have to be punished and brought to justice.

The electoral roll is the ‘gateway’ of democracy. Without a clean electoral roll, there cannot be democracy in Malaysia, never mind about being the ‘best democracy in the world’ as pronounced by PM Najib Razak himself.

The evident surfaced recently on the issue of the fraudulent electoral roll is very clear and the government can no longer pretend not to know or to be ‘innocent’ about it.

Section 9A of the Election Act 1958 says, “After an electoral roll has been certified or re-certified, as the case may be, and notice of the certification or re-certification has been published in the Gazette as prescribed by regulations made under this Act, the electoral roll shall be deemed to be final and binding and shall not be questioned or appealed against in, or reviewed, quashed or set aside by, any court.”

Certified electoral roll that is gazette is not necessarily final as it can be replaced by another recertified one. Nothing is being said about the recertified one being the last and final document. It can be repeatedly recertified. In other words, it can be changed and fraudulent voters removed and cleaned, once and for all. All future re-certification of the electoral roll that will be published in the gazette must only comprise of genuine and living Malaysians citizen.

So, do Malaysians want to proceed with the tainted and questionable electoral roll for the coming 13th general elections, and queue up with the dubious voters, “Hantu”, to cast their votes?

Dr Hiew King Cheu
MP for Kota Kinabalu
Media statement by Dr Hiew King Cheu in Kota Kinabalu on Friday, 1st February 2013