Does EC have a role in abetting the Deportation of Senator Xenophon?

I am appalled that Australian senator Nick Xenophon was detained at LCCT and deported when he tried to enter into Malaysia yesterday.

Elections Commission Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad is again showing his partisanship by poking his nose into this by saying he supported the detention and deportation of Xenophon by the Immigration Department. His position makes us wonder if there is a connection between Elections Commission and Immigration, and whether EC has played a role in abetting the deportation of Senator Xenophon.

It would appear the government has miscalculated the impact of barring Xenophon from entering Malaysia. With the protest made by the Australian government, the image of the BN government is in the gutter among the international community. It will also certainly affect the impression of Australians toward Malaysia.

Senator Xenophon has been vocal about fair elections, democracy and human rights in Malaysia and his deportation will only enhance the impression of international community that Malaysia is being ruled by an authoritarian regime where freedom of speech and assembly are being undermined.

The government’s unfriendly act leaves no doubt the coming elections will be tainted.

National Vice Chairman & MP for Seputeh
Media statement by Teresa Kok Suh Sim in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 17th February 2013