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It’s a pity that Rizal Mansor has to shamelessly spin and lie to defend Rosmah Mansor

I refer to the latest response of Rizal Mansor in defending Rosmah Mansor as the patron of Permata[1]. His response unfortunately did not answer any of the four questions I raised earlier, namely:-

  1. Why do we need to place early childhood education development programs under an agency in Prime Minister Department (PMD) when other ministries such as Women, Family and Community Development Ministry and Education Ministry have more expertise and experiences in the relavant fields?
  2. Why does PERMATA need to have a patron while countries with world-class early childhood education such as Finland, Sweden, Singapore etc have no patron for their early childhood education development agencies?
  3. What is the legitimacy of Rosmah’s position in PERMATA? Is it by merit or marriage?
  4. Is PERMATA sincere about meeting the demand for accountability and transparency from us since Rosmah likes to whine and play victims so much about it?

It seems that he is trying very hard to spin his way through these questions.

Firstly, he said that Rosmah Mansor hasn’t received a cent for being the patron of Permata. But how does that justify her appointment? So in Rizal’s logic, anyone with a Master in Sociology and doesn’t ask for pay is qualified to be the patron of Permata? As I’ve pointed out earlier, the question of who should be the patron of Permata should not even arise at the first place as none of the countries with world-class early childhood education have patron for their early childhood education development agencies. So why does Permata need Rosmah to be the patron?

In addition, Rizal once again dragged a non-related person into Permata’s discussion. This time he dragged in Lim Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew. It is amusing that he compared Betty Chew to Rosmah Mansor. Didn’t Rizal know that Betty Chew rejected the proposal to be appointed into the committee of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC)[2]? In addition, PCCC is a trade organization and not even a government agency (like Permata)! It’s either that Rizal did not do his home work or he is shamelessly telling lie to defend his boss. In any case, now that Rizal has brought Betty Chew into the discussion, may I suggest Rosmah to learn from Betty Chew and resign from Permata?

I sincerely pity Rizal Mansor for having to shamelessly spin and lie to justify the unjustifiable. I would like to once again call on him to answer the four questions I raised head-on without dragging anyone else into the discussion.

Yeo Bee Yin
SA for Damansara Utama
Media statement by Yeo Bee Yin in Petaling Jaya on Monday, 20th March 2017