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Why didn’t Rosmah Mansor resign after so much criticisms?

A few days ago, in his effort to twist and turn in defend of his boss, Rizal Mansor interestingly roped in Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew into our Permata’s dicussion. The difference couldn’t be more stark between Rosmah Mansor and Betty Chew. Betty Chew rejected the proposal for her appointment into the committee of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) and PCCC is not even a government agency (like Permata).

Now, Rizal Mansor said that Betty Chew rejected the proposal due to “criticisms”. This is another lie. Betty Chew rejected the proposal quickly after being informed of the proposal. Nevertheless, with the same logic, why didn’t Rosmah Mansor resign as the patron of Permata after so much criticisms? Why so thick-skinned and insist holding on to the position? Why didn’t Rosmah respond directly to the questions but get her aide to speak on her behalf instead?

Rizal Mansor has resorted to spins and lies to defend his boss. He first dragged Lim Guan Eng into Permata’s discussion then made false accusation against Lim’s wife, will he drag the entire Lim’s family into our Permata’s discussion just to distract the attention from the main topic? We could have easily done the same by dragging 1MDB or RM 2.6 billion private donation into the disccusion but we did not do that as it will not help with our main discussion on Rosmah Mansor as the patron of Permata.

Therefore, I urge Rosmah Mansor or Rizal Mansor to answer the four questions that I’ve repeatedly asked head-on or they should just admit once and for all that Rosmah Mansor is the patron of Permata because she’s the wife of the Prime Minister and that she wants the position.

The four questions I asked:

  1. Why do we need to place early childhood education development programs under an agency in Prime Minister Department (PMD) when other ministries such as Women, Family and Community Development Ministry and Education Ministry have more expertise and experiences in the relavant fields?
  2. Why does PERMATA need to have a patron while countries with world-class early childhood education such as Finland, Sweden, Singapore etc have no patron for their early childhood education development agencies?
  3. What is the legitimacy of Rosmah’s position in PERMATA? Is it by merit or marriage?
  4. Is PERMATA sincere about meeting the demand for accountability and transparency from us since Rosmah likes to whine and play victims so much about it?
Yeo Bee Yin
SA for Damansara Utama
Media statement by Yeo Bee Yin in Petaling Jaya on Tuesday, 21st March 2017