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Demand Dr Kamarul to stop the nonsense and apologise to the Christian community

The action by an academican attacking Hannah Yeoh through his interpetation of the book titled ‘Becoming Hanna’h is very disturbing for Sabahans. This shows the degradation of secularism that was guaranteed during the formation of Malaysia. It is also a worrying trend in religious tolerance in multicultural Malaysia society under Najib’s administration.

As an Orang Asal Christian, we want to remind our government that during the formation of the federation, we were given a special guarantee for freedom of religion as enshrined in the Batu Sumpah based on our Adat. Everyone in the federation supposed to be able to practice their religion without any intimidation.

We are deeply saddened by such narrow minded interpetation of the constitution from a supposedly an educator and academician. Is this what they teach our children in universities these days?

This nation is build upon secularism and never an Islamic State. Sabah would never be agreeable to form the federation of Malaysia if its was not a secular state. We wish to remind fellow Malaysians to uphold this founding blocks of our nation. Moral values is important for good gevernance in this country and the Christian Values like other religions is important for guiding a fair and just society.

There are many biography books about outstanding leaders that talks about how the religion of their choice has guided them in their life’s journey. There is no element of christianisation in the book as it only talks about how Hannah was guided by her religion to achieve great heights.

I just don’t understand why Dr Kamarul just picked up one book and make such interpetation that intention of Hannah’s book as proselytising Muslims as if that was his first book he ever read. His interpetation that the book’s intention is proselytising Muslims are insulting our intelligence as if we don’t know the constitution and made in bad faith against Christians of this country.

We demand that Dr Kamarul stop this nonsense and apologise to the Christian community.

Adrian Banie Lasimbang
Vice Chairman of DAP’s Orang Asal Consultative Council & DAP Sabah Political Education Director
Media statement by Adrian Banie Lasimbang in Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, 18th May 2017