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Khairy Jamaluddin should start educating Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to stop putting the blame on the rape victims themselves or suggesting that they were responsible for it

People like Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is the reason why woman being gang-raped by two men at a gambling outlet in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, did not step forward to lodge police report at the earliest opportunity.

The crime, according to the time stamp on the CCTV footage, took place on the night of Thursday, around 9:54pm, 11 May.

After the police appealing to the victim to come forward, the victim finally made the report on May 16, i.e. 5 days after the incident.


The reality is, only 1 in 10 sexual abuse victims ever report. Unhelpful and idiotic comments like Tengku Adnan’s make most of them to be too embarrassed or ashamed of the incident to admit it.

We expect leaders, especially male leaders, to help us to dispel the myths that women invite rape or sexual harassment by dressing provocatively. But instead, Tengku Adnan has done a great disservice.

The woman, who identified herself as a member of Federal Territories Puteri Umno, was talking on safety issue, her concern over crime and security. But all Tengku Adnan observed is her beauty? And he even dared to hint that she was dressing very seductively?

Police should start investigating Tengku Adnan for sexual harassment!

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin in a commentary written on International Women’s Day this year expressed hope that by 2050, “no one should be stupid enough to suggest that sexual harassment or crimes are the fault of the women for what they wear”.

But why we need to wait till 2050 for people like Tengku Adnan to go extinct? Can’t Khairy Jamaluddin start with educating his colleague to stop putting the blame on the victims themselves or suggesting that they were responsible for it? Failing which, he is merely paying lip service to the victims’ right.

DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary & MP for Kulai
Media statement by Teo Nie Ching in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, 19th May 2017