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PM Najib has proven without a doubt that he is the Father of Divisive Politics by claiming that the ‘apartheid’ government agency the BTN, is needed to ensure BN victories in future general elections

Prime Minister Najib Razak, has proven once again that he is an undeniable hypocrite in the highest order and a charlatan, as he reminded Malaysians yesterday at the BTN Aidilfitri Open House that BTN or the National Civics Bureau would be used to help the government remain in power for the sake of religion, race and country, as well as to enable the government to survive.

While he advocates the idea of 1Malaysia, particularly during the 2013 GE, being the founding father of the Global Moderate Movement, a self praising defender of the concept of ‘wasatiyah’ or moderation, the PM continues to fan the flames of separatism and discrimination by feeding the monster of racism under his very own nose, disguised as the BTN in the Prime Minister’s Office.

With concrete evidence in educational slides exposed on BTN’s very own website 2 years ago in 2015, what more proof do Malaysians need to substantiate that the BTN is not only a waste and misuse of public funds using tax-payers monies but is villainous in nature as it continues to disrupt the harmonious political landscape of Malaysians defending peace, equality, freedom and justice.

Again, Najib is riding on the politics of fear and emotions, sans intellectual discourse, by stating that a government agency known to be nothing patriotic or even relevant to civil servants is needed and will be used to continue to be untouchable, to cement their corrupt ways, and to remain in power indefinitely.

Has Najib ever championed the war against corruption, racism and abuse of power the way he propagates divisive politics amongst BN component parties and Malaysians alike?

Is the BTN now an UMNO weapon? A potent dagger to be used to divide patriotic Malaysians who love their country so that UMNO can remain in power, ‘dulu, kini dan selamanya’ (then, now and forever)?

It is an open secret that the National Civics Bureau or fondly known as the Biro Tata Negara has done nothing to promote tolerance, professionalism, fairness and patriotism and instead has been dancing to the tune of UMNO-BN in propagating the likes of supremacy, racism, divisive policies, all that contribute to the destruction of a cohesive, just, fair society in our homeland, Malaysia.

After 36 years, it is without a doubt that the BTN has failed in nation-building, which ironically falls in line with exactly what UMNO and their leaders have been fighting for, race based and religious based discrimination used to fan the fires of racism in Malaysia, with increasing day-to-day comments made by those in power who hold posts in the government – the latest by Rural and Regional development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob on the possibility of a non-Malay becoming the Prime Minister in Malaysia.

As the age old saying goes, the fish rots from the head. From the Prime Minister downwards, numerous UMNO Ministers, elected representatives and local leaders have preached poisonous divisive, racist remarks, in the same vein, instilling fear in the hearts of other Malaysians who thirst for change – all, unsurprisingly, products of the BTN.

Najib’s remark, unbefitting of a statesman that BTN was formed with specific objectives to mould Malaysians that can ensure the governments continuity, is a blatant fib in the highest order as the BTN which is parked under the Prime Minister’s Department states nothing on their website that their objectives are to keep the government of the day to continue to be in power at any cost, even if it means splitting Malaysians according to race and religion.

This statement of using (or misusing) the BTN for political continuity is a reflection of the arrogance and high-handedness of UMNO-BN to abuse government machinery to clammer on to power.

Has Prime Minister Najib Razak misplaced his moral compass or is he bankrupt of ideas, ways and means to win the next general elections legitimately that he has to dip his nib into the potent pot of racism, bigotry and hatred to draw up a malignant plan that will further keep alive a ‘divide and rule’ racial politics that will cement UMNO-BN as a government for decades to come.

As the 6th premier of the nation, in celebrating Malaysia’s 60th year of independence from the colonialists, it is a despicable, vile joke that the BTN continues to exist with failed key-performance indicators or KPI’s.

Malaysians do not need the BTN to educate them on patriotism. Malaysians love Malaysia and love it enough to reject BTN and stand united to forbid a Government of thieves to plunder, pillage, rob, abuse and monopolise our Malaysia for their own political survival indefinitely.

I call upon the Prime Minister Najib Razak, that if his slogan 1Malaysia is not a hollow meaningless one, then he must disband the BTN immediately as it is used as a political tool by UMNO-BN at the expense of tax-payers monies.

Disbanding the National Civics Bureau or BTN that is apartheid, racist and regressive in nature will be a priority of Pakatan Harapan when Malaysians mandate PH as Government after the 14th General Elections.

There is no place amongst peace loving Malaysians in a Malaysian Malaysia for BTN to continue to exist.

Kasthuri Patto
DAP Wanita Publicity Secretary & MP for Batu Kawan
Media statement by Kasthuri Patto in Batu Kawan on Sunday, 16th July 2017