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MACC corruption seizure increased by 4463% to RM 779.66 million

In my question dated 07/08/2017, I asked the Prime Minister to state: a. the total budget and the number of personnel for the MACC for the last 5 years and planned for the next 5 years; and b. the number of prosecutions, the number of convictions and the amount of graft money involved and how many cases involved graft money more than RM 1 million and RM10 million.

In his answer to me, the minister in the Department of Prime Minister, YB Senator Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan stated the government had allocated a total of RM1,347,657,800 to MACC for the 2013-2017 period. 1,717 charges were made and 1,073 people were convicted.

In the same period, the amount of money seized was as much as RM779,659,897. This was a huge increase compared to the period of 2009 -2013, the amount of graft money recovered was only RM 17,083,729.91 when I asked the same question in October 2013 . This was an astronomical increase of 4463%.

Of course we should be pleased that now that MACC had improved their performance 45 times higher with almost the same amount of allocation and number of personnel. However, we are also very worried that the hundreds of millions of corruption money, nearing a billion, was actually the tip of the iceberg. The actual figure of money involved in corruption in this country is hundreds of times higher with billions and billions of ringgits. The amount mentioned here did not even take into account of the money involved in current mega scandals of 1MDB and FGV / FIC yet. Global Financial Integrity (GFI) claimed early this year that Malaysia lost more than a trillion ringgits in illicit money over a 10 year period from 2005-2014 with large percentage of corruption money.

The figure showed that MACC can actually perform if there is political will to do so. It should be made independent with greater powers to prosecute instead of reporting to the Prime Minister who is himself mired in scandals. The money recovered from corruptions can be used to pay for more hospitals and patients. Only then we can successfully bring corruption under control and not fighting a losing battle.

Dr Ko Chung Sen
MP for Kampar
Media statement by Dr. Ko Chung Sen in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, 11th August 2017