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The statement by MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Dzulklifi Ahmad is most scrupulous

The statement by MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Dzulklifi Ahmad that MACC will only investigate Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi if there is “basis” to the allegations, even though a report has been lodged against Ahmad Zahid, is most scrupulous.

I wish to remind Dzulklifi Ahmad that he is not the private defence counsel for Ahmad Zahid. As MACC Chief, he is expected and supposed to be the defender of people’s interest.

It is the duty of MACC to investigate on any report lodged, which in this case in particularly where the allegation was first made by Tun Dr Mahathir, in his capacity as the then Prime Minister who had direct information on Ahmad Zahid’s wealth 20 years ago. The statement by Tun Mahathir and the non-denial by TPM Ahmad Zahid have become public knowledge since then.

The “sit and wait” attitude and response by MACC and Dzulklifi is as good as waiting for the evidence to knock on their door. This is ridiculous.

Only 4 days ago, the MACC Deputy Chief commissioner Datuk Mohd Azam Baki has urged people who knew of civil servants living beyond their means to report the matter to it immediately. Dzulklifi Ahmad’s statement has indicated otherwise. What is the point of reporting if MACC is to adopt such a “sit and wait” attitude?

MACC had earlier claimed that they cannot commence investigation as no report was lodged against Ahmad Zahid. We have lodged the report and I have now answered the call from the MACC and recorded my statement at MACC Perak. The ball is now in the court of MACC, to prove that they can act fearlessly and impartially.

Jenny Choy Tsi Jen
DAPSY National Executive Council Member
Media statement by Jenny Choy Tsi Jen in Ipoh on Saturday, 12th August 2017