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Offer immunity instead to combat corruption

I refer to MACC’s claim that few civil servants have come forward to snitch on corruption despite a cash incentive.

It is understandable that many civil servants would be unwilling to snitch on their colleagues. There is low trust in MACC’s responsibility to keep their identity a secret, and they could suffer many forms of backlash in the workplace.

It would be better for MACC to instead or to additionally offer this cash rewards to public at large, who may be more willing to come forward, especially those were backed into a corner and forced to bribe.

An even better deterrent would be to offer full immunity to members of the public who come forward with credible information. This would surely strike fear in government officials to partake in any corruption, less the bribe giver turns on them for a reward and is himself safe from any prosecution.

Rajiv Rishyakaran
SA for Bukit Gasing
Media statement by Rajiv Rishyakaran in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday, 13th September 2017