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The alleged banning of the tudung in the frontline hotel industry

I refer to the debate now ongoing over the alleged banning of the tudung in the frontline hotel industry.

There is no reason as to why there needs to be in place any policy which bans the use of the tudung in that industry. Such a ban is to my mind arbitrary, discriminatory and unconstitutional. It offends against the constitutional right of a person to profess and practice his or her religion. It is also highly insensitive to the religious belief of muslim women, which right we should respect and uphold. To my mind an outright ban on the tudung in this instance is unreasonable.

The government must address this and set the record straight, be it by legislation or otherwise. If there is a need for a court ruling on the matter, I am prepared on behalf of the DAP, to offer legal assistance to those affected to challenge such a ruling in court as to the legality or otherwise of such policies.

National Deputy Chairman & MP for Puchong
Media statement by Gobind Singh Deo in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 14th November 2017