Response to MCA’s call for my resignation

First of all, MCA has no moral standi to ask this question.

Secondly, is this really what the people wants? To ask all those who have stood up to fight for their interests to resign?

Wouldn’t this result in all YES men remaining in the government?

Wouldn’t that give rise to the creation of a government made up of unscrupulous people who will now have the complete freedom to do whatever they want?

Wouldn’t this mean that we have succumbed to the propaganda of the people’s enemies’ to make the people act against their own interests? Because instead of fighting those who made decisions against them, the people are attacking those who are fighting to protect their interests.

I think the right way forward is we must all stand united and fight to regain ownership of the people’s government and steer it towards the direction that we aspire for.

When efforts to resolve issues through internal channels failed, the people must step in. What needs to be done now is the people must go to their respective MPs/ ADUNs and demand them to make a stand and speak out against Lynas. We cannot blame the government if we ourselves don’t have the courage to speak up. The people must also become a part of the decision making process. We need a strong collective voice.

In Malaysia Baru, decisions especially those that will adversely impact the wellbeing of our children and environment must not be left to decided by only a few in the top echelons of this country.

Wong Tack
MP for Bentong
Media statement by Wong Tack in Bentong on Monday, 5th August 2019